Asian Dating Manchester

Best places to live in the UK for dating as an east Asian male?

2020.11.22 17:41 pojian Best places to live in the UK for dating as an east Asian male?

Interested in UK members' experiences of dating in various parts of the UK.
I'm an east Asian male living in the UK. I've had interracial relationships while living in Manchester and in London. I'm currently in the South West which is maybe more difficult for dating as an east Asian.
I'm thinking of relocating to another part of the UK and having the opportunity to enjoy dating girls of all races. I'll probably use a combination of online dating and chatting to girls when I'm out and about.
What areas of the UK have you found to be particularly good for dating as an east Asian male?
Are multicultural areas better than predominantly white areas for dating as an east Asian male?
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2020.11.07 19:18 May4958 Charlene Downes, aged 14. Disappeared from Blackpool in November 2003

Here is the Wikipedia linkto this case and I’ll add some other links at the bottom in case anyone is interested and would like to find out more.
I actually linked to this case yesterday when discussing another thread, and I think it deserves a thread of its own. The bare bones of the case are that Charlene, then aged 14, vanished on a Saturday evening on the first day of November from the seaside resort of Blackpool. Although two men have been tried for her murder, they were subsequently acquitted. Her body has never been found.
Although I don’t have insider knowledge to the case itself, I do know the area well and also have a number of thoughts about what probably led up to Charlene’s disappearance and the events afterwards. I hope some of you will find it interesting.
I think that to understand Charlene’s disappearance, you have to understand a few things about where she vanished from. Blackpool is a seaside town on the north west coast of England, looking out onto the Irish Sea. In the post war years, Blackpool enjoyed something of a boon of tourism and this is still sometimes looked back to nostalgically. This started to change quite dramatically in the 1970s, when cheap package holidays to Spain in particular after the death of General Franco started to become popular. As a result, Blackpool (and other seaside resorts) started to wane. As the 70s moved into the 80s, the then-PM Margaret Thatcher started to sell off social housing, which led to a shortage. Blackpool had many ex-hotels and boarding houses which were bought cheaply by the local authority to house people in, however by the nature of their design they were not suitable for families but for single occupancy. As a result, a lot of people housed in Blackpool were ex offenders, and a high proportion were single males in prison for sex offences. In short, Blackpool therefore has a much higher proportion of males who have committed sexual offences against children.
In addition to this, Blackpool might be a seaside town declining, but it was still very much a seaside town. Any trip to Blackpool can still be a lot of fun - ice cream, a beach, donkey rides and bright lights from fairground rides and the Tower. Blackpool is a magnet for children and families. It’s easy to see why these two facts are something of a toxic combination. Blackpool doesn’t just attract families but also children - teens really - who are running away, usually from local authority care homes in search of something a bit better. It’s literally the ‘end of the line’ train wise: jump on a train from Manchester, wigan, Preston, even further north like Carlisle or Cumbria, and you’ll end up at Blackpool. So that’s the setting, if you like.
In late 2003, there were a number of things happening in the U.K. that I believe are relevant to this case. The first is that there was a renewed interest in and disgust of sex offenders, following the murder of Sarah Payne in Sussex in 2000, and the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in Cambridgeshire in 2002. The former case led to vigilante attacks on sex offenders in the summer of 2000 while the fact Holly and Jessica were tragically murdered by their school caretaker meant that safeguarding procedures in schools started to be ramped up and that was the embryonic stage of the policy and procedure we have today. However, these cases differed dramatically from Charlene’s. For one thing, they happened in the south of England, in counties that were (are) relatively affluent compared to Blackpool. Secondly, Sarah, Holly and Jessica vanished on bright summer days in July and August, while Charlene disappeared on a dark evening as autumn trudged into winter. Thirdly, and possibly most significant when we consider this case, Sarah, Holly and Jessica were pre-pubescent, from stable homes (or at least, this was how they were perceived and therefore presented by the media) and thus generated public sympathy. In short, the families were sympathetic victims. Teenagers, especially working class ones, just didn’t fall into that category.
Charlene had moved to Blackpool with her family - mum, dad, brother and two sisters - in 1999, which means she would have been about 10. I don’t know why the family moved, but Charlene’s background was described as ‘chaotic’ even though it was also acknowledged it was ‘loving’. In her book, Sold in Secret (link here, it is a bit tabloid magazine style writing but still insightful) Karen Downes describes domestic violence, leading to her having an affair, mental illness, unemployment, homelessness and generally a turbulent home life for being the reasons for the move.
After arriving in Blackpool, things initially appeared to go relatively smoothly until Charlene was expelled from school. This was 2003, five years into Tony Blair’s government where he’d promised that his three main priorities were “education, education, education.” At the time, it was immensely difficult for schools to permanently exclude without serious and sustained poor behaviour. We don’t know the details of Charlene’s exclusion. Karen Downes states it was for smoking: from my own knowledge, this is really unlikely. (No criticism of Mrs Downes, it isn’t what the book is about and obviously is personal.) However, Charlene’s family were troubled and there were problems at home.
On the evening of 1 November 2003, Charlene went to McDonald’s with her sister. They saw their mother in the town centre at around 645. Charlene’s sister Rebecca then went home. Charlene waited with her mother while she waited for her friends bus to arrive. Charlene met another friend at a bar on North Pier (Blackpool’s seafront has three: North, Central and South. All have bars, fairground rides and arcades.) There is CCTV footage that is believed to be of Charlene with a woman in her 30s at around 9pm. Charlenes friend confirmed she last saw Charlene at 11pm.
In her book, Karen Downes describes twice calling the police but being fobbed off. Mrs Downes says she pointed out to the operator that Charlene was 14 and a child. This discrepancy between innocent child and sexually precocious teenager is one of the recurring themes in this case.
It was Monday morning (3rd November) before the police attended Mrs Downes property. The police believed she had run away. There was no TV appeal or media coverage. Eventually, the family were interviewed. The assumption very much seemed to be that suspicion lay within the family. Of course, many crimes are committed within families and police are right to thoroughly investigate, but to completely abandon any outside investigation at an early stage is unwise. In Mrs Downes’ own words “we were a troubled, dysfunctional, chaotic family ... uneducated, unpolished and unashamedly working class, but I didn’t love my daughter any less for it.”
In March 2006, two men were arrested. Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Raveshi owned a local takeaway. Funny Boyz was near Central Pier. No part of Blackpool is salubrious: it’s fair to say though if you walk the back streets between central and south pier you’ll be amazed you’re in England in the twenty first century. Off licences open first thing in the morning, there are rats, rubbish, broken windows, broken people. It isn’t pretty. A date was set for the trial - May 2007.
At the trial, it emerged that Charlene had been one of a group of girls who had sex with older men in the alleyways of Blackpool, in exchange for food, cigarettes and alcohol. Now we go back to Charlene’s expulsion from school. Children who are sexually abused often display behaviour that is angry, volatile, explosive and aggressive. There are physical signs too - Charlene’s mother describes a UTI her daughter had. But at this time, Charlene willingly offering herself for sex in return for chips would not be viewed as sexual abuse: it would be consensual sex, with Charlene, despite being two years under the legal age to have sex, a willing participant. This attitude was to alter and shift considerably in the following decade as similar stories emerged across the U.K. from Rochdale to Telford. It was claimed that Albattikhi described Charlene as ‘very small and very kinky.’ He was overheard saying he had murdered her and chopped her body up and put it in kebabs. Charlene’s family heard this for the first time at the trial, including her then fourteen year old brother who had been taken into local authority care the year before.
At any rate, the jury were unable to reach a majority and as a result Albattikhi and Raveshi walked free. The years following were turbulent ones for the Downes family: both Charlene’s brother and sister had altercations with Albattikhi after chance encounters in Blackpool. In December 2011, detective sergeant Jan Beasant was found guilty of two counts of misconduct and was forced to resign: Beasant’s misconduct was subsequently overturned in 2019.
Within the mess of shattered careers and shattered lives, so much becomes clear. This is a story that can easily take on a life and sequels of its own. It’s mostly Charlene’s story but also that of her brother and sisters, her mother and father, the police who were scapegoated, the men who claimed their innocence. But it is still Charlene’s story and I’ll stick with that.
Girls - young girls, in their early and mid teens, were prostituting themselves in the back alleys of Blackpool. Sex for food, alcohol, cigarettes and money. Why? In 2003, the attitude would have been that they were ‘streetwise’ girls, girls who enjoyed sex, girls who were promiscuous, sleazy, not ‘innocent’ as their middle class counterparts were. Of course, we have a different attitude now. We see them as vulnerable rather than sharp and knowing and adult beyond their years. But it still doesn’t answer the why in the first place. For my part, I tend to think it’s an attitude that’s rooted in an attitude in society. If you are treated like something to be tolerated but not quite human - given money in the form of benefits and welfare but never a truly equal standing and dignity in society, then isn’t it natural to some extent that this gets played out again and again, with you constantly in the position of begging for something - food, money, affection? And if society’s attitude is that all you are worth is a packet of cigarettes and chips, well, maybe you are. Who knows.
I don’t blame Charlene’s school and I don’t blame Charlene’s parents. If someone has asked her, in perhaps the September of October of 2003, ‘Charlene, are you a victim of sexual abuse?’ chances are she would have answered no. However, as adults, we should never assume bad behaviour is just something that needs to be dealt with but a signal of something deeper. An individual teacher can never get to the bottom of that: it needs involvement way beyond that level.
Charlene’s family left Coventry amidst domestic violence, homelessness and mental illness. They should never have been allowed ‘just’ to seamlessly move to Blackpool: support and involvement should have been there from the start.
It’s possible all these things wouldn’t have saved Charlene. As things stand now, November 7, 2020 and over seventeen years since she vanished, we still don’t know where she is and no one has ever been brought to justice for her killing. Another young girl, Paige Chivers, also vanished in Blackpool in 2007: like Charlene, her body has never been found.
Much is made of the fact that Charlene’s killers were Asian. In the U.K., ‘Asian grooming gangs’ rose to prominence a few years ago. For my part, I don’t think in this case their race is relevant - some people claim that some Asian men have a cultural tendency to see white girls as promiscuous. I’m not sure that’s the case here, I don’t think Charlene’s colour was as important as her background. What is evident from this case and the Chelmsley Wood one which was discussed yesterday is simply that middle class children who are sexually assaulted and murdered are sympathetic: working class ones are not. And that’s awful.
Further reading:
Paige Chivers
The murder of Charlene downes - documentary
Jan Beasants story
Mrs Karen Downes’ book
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2020.10.28 19:19 blondererer The Angel in the Meadow

Hi All, this write-up is about The Angel in the Meadow, a U.K. Jane Doe. I hope this is allowed, as I’m aware that this sub is US focused.
The Angel in the Meadow is a doe discovered in Manchester, U.K. She was located on 25th January 2010, but is believed to have passed away between 1970 and 1980, meaning that she died 30-40 years before being found. Items around the remains dated back as far as the 1960s.
The location is known as Angel Meadow, to the North of Manchester City Centre. While the name may be angelic, the site used to be the location of a slum and had been described as ‘hell on earth’ BBC - Angel Meadow history
The site is now the location for a Co-op office.
The Angel was located by workmen, who initially found her skull. The remainder of her remains were located under pieces of carpet on the site. One of the pieces is believed to be from a Ford Cortina. These vehicles were produced in the U.K. between 1962 and 1982.
The doe had signs of injury including a fractured neck, collar bone and jaw. Initially, it was believed the doe died of natural causes until the postmortem concluded a violent death.
Description: She was initially believed to be an adult at the time of her death, aged between 18 and 35. Later stories refer to her being born between 1950 and 1954. It has been suggested that she was killed between 1975 and 1988.
Angel Meadow Doe was believed to be between 5”1 and 5”7 in height and a U.K. size 12 (USA size 8). She was clothed in 1970s style clothing, including a green pinafore dress with a pattern and large buttons, a blue jumper and black court shoes.
The doe is believed to be European (I’m assuming mainland Europe) or Asian in decent.
The distinctive features shared relate to a missing tooth, which would have been visible when smiling. The doe had also had dental work including fillings.
Facial reconstruction
Public appeals for information have not confirmed her identity. Nor have searches of missing person records.
Police research and appeals have led to a list of around 20 individuals who may be the doe. These include people from around Europe. One prime suggestion was suggested to be a person from Tanzania, whose family had made contact.
It does appear that DNA was located with the body, as tests were undertaken to confirm that there was no link with two notorious local killers. These were Peter Tobin and Ronald Castree. The death has also been linked to Christopher Halliwell.
An article was published in 2020, where a former soldier shared that he believed that he had seen the victim in the pub in the 1970s. The woman appeared scared and showed him bruises under her collar. Police say that they have investigated his lead.
Police have confirmed that they are using familial DNA to try and identify her. I’m not sure if this rules out the Tanzania lead, because both the lead and the DNA news were announced several years ago. I assume that this would have been confirmed by now, if the DNA is viable.
Who is the Angel in the Meadow and who committed her murder?
Links Manchester Evening Post - 2020
Unidentified Wikia
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2020.10.25 22:12 Awkward_Conflict Dating Foreign Women

I live in Manchester and for some reason I tend to match with more attractive non european women?
Perhaps they are more open to a less macho look and me being smaller is less of an issue when dating latin or asian women.
I do wonder are they partly wanting to be with me because of a visa?
Also there would be potentially greater cultural divides with their family.
What do you guys think?
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2020.10.05 04:25 SnooPandas5138 Ex-GF was cheating on me with a colleague for about 3 years, she lied to me when she thought she got caught but i was still oblivious. eventually i caught her but she still tried to lie and deny cheating.

The obligatory will have grammatical errors and spelling, so i apologise in advance.
This is a long one.
Background - Had been with Ex-GF for 4 years. 2 years into relationship i help her get a job within one of the departments in the company i work with, as she hated her last job and it had unsociable hours. We are in different buildings, i wanted to move to her building but my work was such that i had to stay at another location (for security reasons) (i work in the legal sector). She likes her team, everyone is her age bar one guy who she said was same age as her father so she claimed to have seen him as a father figure - we shall call him M. Ex-GF and M strike a friendship, for which she gets the cold treatment from her team. she tells me about it and how she finds it disgusting that the team make up rumours and don't talk to her because she is friends with M, she sees M as a father figure. So i believe all she tells me. Every year on her Bday we would celebrate together on the day by going away to another city in the UK.
For the past year i had been asking my GF to go on holiday together, as we had been staying around the UK on various occasions and just wanted to go abroad with her. She says she doesn't want to go abroad with a male until after marriage (we were in the long run, marriage and all, so i thought) so i said ok. I was planning to propose to her during Christmas that year.
Come summer time i am called away to a country in mainland Europe for business purposes, its for two weeks and my assistant books everything for me. I ask ex-gf if she would like to join me and she gives the same answer as before and i try to explain how we go everywhere and it is no different but she says what will she tell her family and how will she show them photos of us? (her family didn't know she was dating, she claimed to be from a strict south Asian family), so i leave it at that.
While i am there i try to call her but she doesn't answer, then she messages me saying she is with her friends. So i leave her to it, then she calls me but i hear a guys voice and she tells me its the TV and she needed time away from her family and booked a hotel for the night. (she did get in to fights with her sisters and mother a lot but usually stayed in her room). I think nothing of it again but her communication had dropped considerably on that night and a few days during the time i was away. I thought she was just busy so didn't think much of it.
Then a few months later its her bday and she knows we spend it together, she tells me not to book anything for the day and do it beforehand as she is planning to go to Bournemouth with her cousin (Female) on her bday. Her cousin is going through a rough time and needs a break so that's why they are going, and she tells me she wont be taking many photos because her cousin doesn't like taking photos (bare in mind this girl took a photo at every opportunity, this was at the height of snapchat), i believe her again. some of you may be thinking why didn't we celebrate after they came back, i was due to go away for work two days after her bday, for 4 weeks in the middle east.

from my last trip to now she has been acting quite distant and claiming she was too tired from work and didn't like talking or texting as much and just wanted to sleep. she would refuse to meet for lunch claiming she was down on her hours and again i believed her.

Now i decided to postpone the proposal to the summer as she did enjoy the summer more than winter and she liked the sea.
Come Christmas, we had been planning to watch a film together, she claimed to have turned down certain colleagues because she wanted to watch it with me, so we agree a day in December. I went to watch a football game at the ground, i text her on my way there and after the game but did not get a response until i got home (2 hour one way trip), claiming she was busy with guests at home etc.
a few days later i bump in to a friend and he asks me what i thought of the film that day, (the day i went to watch the football). I am puzzled and ask him to clarify, he tells me he saw my ex-gf at the cinema with a bloke (he had his back) and assumed it was me. By the way this was the film we agreed to watch together, it had bad reviews but one thing about ex-gf is that she likes to watch the film regardless of the reviews. So i message her and ask her to watch the film the next day, now comes the first sign that slowly opened my eyes, she says its got bad reviews and doesn't want to watch it. Then i confront her about being seen and she tells me she went with the whole team but she was by a drink and M was waiting with her, he must have seen M. As i believed she saw M as a father figure, i thought nothing of it.
Then fast forward a few more days another guy bumps in to me and asks how i found a particular Michelin star restaurant (i had never been to this place), so i tell him he had mistaken someone for me, he said he was sure its me, he saw my ex-gf sat there with a guy. So this time i confront her and she tells me she went with her friends and one friend bought her husband with her, that's who he must have seen, as he friends were probably powdering their noses. I believe her again.
I meet a guy who works in her office and he knows we are dating (by the way she hadn't told anyone in her office she is dating someone, only a handful of people who i knew outside of work and worked with her knew). Tells me to be careful because my ex-gf is spending a lot of time with M, they come to work together, they have lunch together and leave work together. i tell him its nothing they're good friends and she sees him as a father figure.
for the next few months she seems to be spending a lot of time at one of her friends house but i think nothing of it, her communication drops claiming she just is busy etc.
one day we go out and take her car, i try to connect my phone and see M's phone name appear. i ask her and she claims she only gave him a lift once and it automatically connected to her car, i believed her, while trying to connect my phone. Now that i think back i should have clocked on straight away its not the truth.
fast forward to the summer she tells me she is going away with her school friend for her birthday but not on the day, also wants me as last year to do something a day before or after but not on her bday because she is spending it with family at home. So i go out my way and book her things she has had on her bucket list. She also tells me she wont be taking photos on this trip because her friend is in a rough place and doesn't like photos.
As she doesn't speak to me much, i don't get time to tell her of my upcoming trip. She had told me the dates of her initial trip but had to cancel it because i quote 'too many people in the office knew she was going away'. I didn't understand what she meant but it all adds up in the end. She loses out on her initial flight and has to book again.

She makes a rookie mistake when planning what she is doing on her bday, she used a joint hotel booking account to book a hotel for 2 people in our city on her bday and specifically request a double bed. By this time i had become suspicious when i saw this because of what she said she would be doing. so i make a mental note of this and make a note of when it was no longer free to cancel, i was aware there is mutual friend who was telling her of anything i did (if this mutual friend knew my ex-gf was going to similar places as me but not with me). So on the day i made sure to put up a snapchat story visible only to my ex-gf and the mutual friend, stating i am going to the same place as the hotel she booked. I drive home after putting up this on snapchat, within 5 minutes the hotel booking is cancelled and surprisingly the only person that viewed my story was the mutual friend. The best thing was my ex-gf lost all her money for the booking as it was beyond the free cancellation period.
Still didn't had enough concrete evidence to prove she was cheating, so i leave it at that knowing i have hurt her financially as she did complain about not having enough money.
I am at the airport walking in to my check-in and who do i see checking in my ex-gf with M. She sees me but i just make my way to check-in she tries to get to me but can't as it was business class only. Then she tries to look for me at the terminal but i am in the lounge looking at her running around. I send her message saying its over. She tried to say M just hitched a ride and he is going on stag, which person goes on a stag and doesn't even meet them at departures or in the terminal. Claims her friend will be flying from Manchester, what is the point of going on holiday with a friend if she is not flying with you.
This is where it gets interesting, i check the hotel booking account and see a booking made under her name for a twin/double room but specifically requesting a double bed for two people. I could have cancelled it but i left her to it.

After we come back she begs to meet up, tries to explain she didn't go with him and makes up more lies but i pick out all holes in her story. Then later she tries to send screenshots of messages from her friend when they arrived at the holiday destination but refused to show the dates and time stamps (you can easily change the name of the contact) she got her sister to send the messages. Then claimed she accidently deleted the messages and can't show the time stamp.

It all made sense why she did not want to take photos, then i meet friends who worked in the same office they tell me this is the second time they were on leave for the same amount of days and they both went to bournemouth together. They always had lunch together, they were caught kissing so had to be moved on to different floors, yet she did not want me to come have lunch with her because one she did not have much time and two she did not want anyone to know she was in a relationship.

I later learn she used to go to his house a lot, so when i did some cross referencing and realised those were the days she claimed to be at her school friends house (female).

Another thing post the Christmas movie fiasco, she bought an all saints mens jacket (again from a mutual account) and i thought it was for me, we all know these jackets don't come cheap but i never saw that jacket until i caught her at the airport with M, he was wearing it. What did i get that year , nothing.

She paid for everything, food, holidays, trips around the UK, cinema. M was living the life.

I did ask her if was disgusted by herself claiming M was a father figure. She denied ever saying that, but i can recall every time she said it and so can a few other people.

What hurt the most was she had been claiming to be loyal all those years and looking down on guys and girls who cheated on their partners but was doing the same thing herself.

What she doesn't realise this has affected me quite badly, i cannot trust anyone, i do not want a relationship again i feel i will be cheated on. i am slowly recovering but it is difficult, after catching her i got into a deep depression, almost lost touch with everyone.
sorry for the long post but i tried to just include the main events.

by the way she was 28 and he was 52, i know they went back on holiday to the same place the following year.

Before she got caught she managed to get my help with other job application, as her relationship was known in the whole office and she thought i she should leave before i found out. I wish i did not help her the second time round.
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2020.08.29 18:23 IdolA29Augl Mat-ure G-ay for Da-ting Hel-p

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Josh Harris Christian Dating Guy is Gay Josh Harris Christian Dating is Gay Joysticks Orlando Gay Dating Game Juju Smith Schuster Dating Gay Jussie Smollett on Gay Dating Sites Kakinada Gay Dating Kalamazoo Gay Dating Kalyan Gay Dating Kanpur Gay Dating Kanpur Gay Dating Site Kansas City Gay Dating Sites Kansas City Gay Dating Websites Karimnagar Gay Dating Karma Gay Dating Karma Gay Dating App Karma Gay Dating Apps Kathmandu Gay Dating Katie Holmes Dating Gay Guy Kazakhstan Gay Dating Kc Gay Dating Keith From the Gay Dating Show From the 2006 Keith Martinez Shreveport Louisiana Gay Dating Sites Kerry Gay Dating Key West Gay Dating Kickstarter Gay Dating Sim Kickstarter Gay Magic Dating Sim Kilkenny Gay Dating Kingston Ontario Gay Dating Kink Gay Dating App Kink Gay Dating Site Kinkiest Gay App Dating Site Kinky Gay Dating Hookup Site Kinky Gay Dating San Diego Kisumu Gay Dating Kisumu Gay Dating Site Kitchener Gay Dating Knoxville Gay Dating Kolhapur Gay Dating Kolhapur Gay Dating Site Kolkata Free Gay Dating Site Kolkata Gay Dating Sites Kollam Gay Dating Korean Gay Online Dating Kosovo Gay Dating Kota Gay Dating Site Kozhikode Gay Dating Kpop Gay Memebers Dating Krishnagiri Gay Dating Kumasi Gay Dating Kumasi Gay Dating Site Kurla Gay Dating Topix Kurnool Gay Dating Site Kuwait Gay Dating Sites Kwazulu Natal Gay Dating Site Kyle Gay Dating Lowell Massachusetts Kynan 44 Years Old Gay Dating Kzn Gay Dating Site Lake City Black Gay Dating Site Lake Havasu Gays Dating Lake Tahoe Gay Dating Lao Gay Dating Large Black Cocks Gay Hookup Dating Sites Largest Free Gay Dating Site Largest Gay Dating Apps Largest Gay Dating Website Las Cruces Gay Dating Las Cruces Gay Dating Sites Las Vegas Free Gay Dating Las Vegas Gay Dating Apps Las Vegas Gay Dating Sites Las Vegas Speed Dating Gay Latin Chub Gay Dating Latino Gay Dating White Latvia Gay Dating Lausanne Gay Dating Lavender Gay Dating Site Lds Dating Website Forced to Allow Gay Lesbian Lebanese Gay Dating Site Lebian and Gay Men Dating Lee County Virginia Gay Dating Leeds Gay Dating Site Leeds Gay Speed Dating Legit Dating Sites for Gay Men Legit Gay Dating Websites Lesbian Speed Dating Skit Big Gay Sketch Show Dating Review Lesotho Gay Dating Lesotho Gay Dating Site Lethbridge Gay Dating Lgbt Gay Dating Sites Like Gay Sec but Not Dating Men Lincoln Ne Gay Dating Lisbon Gay Dating List All Gay Dating Sites List Gay Dating Sites List Gay Dating Websites List of 2001s Gay Dating Sites List of Best Gay Dating Sites List of Best Gay Dating Websites List of Chubby Dating Sites Gay List of Every Gay Dating App or Site List of Gay Chubby Dating Sites List of Gay Chubs Dating Sites List of Gay Dating List of Gay Dating Apps by Popularity List of Gay Dating Sims List of Gay Dating Site in India List of Gay Dating Sites Wiki List of Gay Online Dating List of Popular Gay Dating Apps List of Popular Gay Dating Sites List of Top Gay Dating Apps List of Top Gay Dating Sites Little Person Gay Dating Site Live Romeo Gay Dating Liverpool Gay Speed Dating Lko Gay Dating Local Dudes Gay Dating Local Gay Dating Augusta Maine Local Gay Dating for Free Local Gay Dating Service for Fort Worth Dallas Local Gay Dating Sites Chesterfield Local Gay Dating Without Sign Up Local Gay Online Dating Phone Number Local Hiv Non-detectable Gay Mens Dating Group Locanto Cape Town Gay Dating London Dating Sites Gay London Gay Dating Agency London Gay Dating Websites London Gay Online Dating London Gay Professional Speed Dating London Gay Speed Dating Soho London Speed Dating Gay Long Beach Gay Dating Long Distance Dating Gays Long Gay Dating Games Long Hair Gay Dating Long Term Gay Dating Site Long Term Relationship Gay Dating Longueuil Gay Dating Looking for Cholo Bf Gay Dating Looking for Cholo Bf Gay Dating App Phoenix Looking for Cholo Bf Gay Dating Phoenix Looking for Social Dating Sight for Gay Seniors Los Angeles Gay Online Dating Louis Hofmann Dating Gay Louisville Gay Dating Love is Blind Gay Dating Show Episode 2 Lowestoft Gay Dating Ltr Gay Dating Ltr Gay Dating App Lucas Nother Gay Dating Show Lucknow Gay Dating Site Ludhiana Gay Dating Ludhiana Gay Dating Site Macedonia Gay Dating Maco Gay Dating Sites Made in Chelsea Gay Dating App Madison Gay Dating Madison Gay Speed Dating Makati Gay Dating Make Gay Dating Account to Boost Confidence Malawi Gay Dating Malawi Gay Dating Sites Malawian Gay Dating Site Malaysia Free Gay Dating Site Malaysia Gay Dating Sites Malaysia Gay Dating Website Malaysia Gay Online Dating Malaysian Gay Dating Site Male Bi Gay Dating Site Male Escort Dating Gay Service Male Gay Asian Dating Chinatown Nyc Male Gay Asian Dating Nyc Male Gay Dating and Chatting Websites Without Registration in Pune Male Gay Dating Site for Portland Oregon Male Gay Sexsadist Dating Other Guys Male Gay Teens Dating Male Squirt Bi Gay Dating Site Maleforce Gay Chat & Dating Malta Gay Dating Sites Maltese Gay Dating Mamba Gay Dating Site Manchester Gay Speed Dating Mangalore Gay Dating Mangalore Gay Dating Site Manhattan Gay Dating Manhunt Gay Chat Dating Manhunt Gay Dating Live Manhunt Gay Dating Mobile Login Manhunt Gay Dating Reviews Manhunt Gay Dating Sites Manhunt Gay Mobile Dating Manhunt Mobile Gay Dating Manhunt Online Gay Dating Manjam Eu Social Network Gay Dating Manly Gay Dating Manscape Gay Dating Marcia Gay Harden Dating Who Marge Speed Dating I Think Hes a Male Gay Marine Dating Gay Mark Perry Gay Dating Scam Marriage Gay Dating Sites Married Men Gay Dating Marvin Gaye Dating Child Masc Discreet Gay Dating Mass Gay Dating Gay Dating Pittsburgh Pa Gay Dating Site Matchup Gay Dating Site Mate 4 for Gay Dating Matteo
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2020.08.29 18:18 IdolA29Augl New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny

New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Man Dating a Younger Man Gay Man Dating Around You Gay Man Dating Asexual Women Gay Man Dating Ftm Gay Man Dating Mtf Gay Man Dating Profile Gay Man Dating Someone Half My Age Gay Man Dating Success Stories Gay Man Dating Trans Girl Gay Man Dating Trans Man Gay Man Dating Transman Tumblr Gay Man Disability Dating Gay Man Free Dating Sites Gay Man Has Dream About Dating Woman Gay Man Killed After Meeting Man Off Dating Site Gay Man Starts Dating Crush After Becoming a Woman Gay Manila Dating Gay Marine Dating Site Gay Marine Dating Website Gay Marriage in the First Year of Dating Gay Marriage Online Dating Gay Married Dating Site Gay Married Men Willmar Mn Dating Gay Master Dom Dating Sites Gay Match Dating Site Gay Match Vs Okcupid Dating Gay Mature Dating Websites Gay Mature Men Dating Sites Gay Meaning Dating Introduction Gay Meet Guysout of Dating App Gay Men and Narcissist Dating Sites Gay Men and Straight Guys Dating Philippines Gay Men at 60 Dating Gay Men at 30 Gay Men Bdsm Dating Gay Men Boardgame Speed Dating the Friendly Toast September 4 Gay Men Brunswick Ga Dating Sites Gay Men Brunswick Ga Dating Sites James Mowatt Gay Men Dating Baltimore Gay Men Dating Bi Guys Gay Men Dating El Paso Gay Men Dating Grandpas Gay Men Dating Guide Gay Men Dating Hookup Sites Gay Men Dating in Arizona Gay Men Dating in Orlando Gay Men Dating Los Angeles Gay Men Dating Magazine Gay Men Dating Much Younger Gay Men Dating N Malaysia Gay Men Dating New York Gay Men Dating Older Gay Men Dating Older Men Gay Men Dating Over 50 Gay Men Dating Portland Oregon Gay Men Dating Profiles Gay Men Dating Ride Gay Men Dating Rochester Ny Gay Men Dating Scripts Physical Attraction 2019 Gay Men Dating Seniors Gay Men Dating Sites Blacks Gay Men Dating Trans Gay Men Dating Transgender Men Gay Men Dating Transman Gay Men Dating Utica Ny Gay Men Dating Women Hollywood Gay Men Dating Women Reddit Gay Men Dating Younger Guys Gay Men Eager Dating Gay Men for Straight Guys Dating Gay Men Geek to Geek Dating Gay Men Height Dating Gay Men in Alabama Seeking Dating Gay Men League Dating App Gay Men Narcissist Social Dating Sites Gay Men Online Dating Sites Gay Men Phila Dating Gay Men Speed Dating All Ages March 15 Gay Men Speed Dating Yelp Gay Men to Straight Women Dating Advice Comedy Gay Men With Cleft Chin Dating Gay Men With Hiv Dating Site Gay Mennonite Dating Gay Mens Fitness Dating Site Gay Mentally Ill Dating Site Gay Metal Dating Gay Metalheads Dating Gay Mexican Man 25 Dating 50 Year Old Man Gay Mexico Dating Site Gay Miami Dating Gay Middle Eastern Dating Apps Gay Middle Eastern Dating Site Gay Middle Eastern Dating Sites Gay Middle Eastern Man in Boston Rea for Dating Gay Middle School Dating Gay Midget Boys Dating Gay Midget Boys Dating Sites Gay Military Dating Australia Gay Military Dating Online Gay Military Dating Website Gay Military Dating Website Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Australia Gay Military Dating Websites England Gay Military Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Gay Military Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Uk Gay Military Dating Websites in Kolkata Gay Military Dating Websites in Mumbai Gay Military Dating Websites in Usa Gay Military Dating Websites Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Northern Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Scotland Gay Military Dating Websites Trinidad Gay Military Online Dating Gay Military Uk Dating Gay Millenial Dating Advice Gay Millennial Dating Advice Gay Millionaire Dating London Gay Millionaire Dating Services Gay Millionaire Dating Websites Gay Millionaire Matchmaker Speed Dating Gay Millionaire Matchmaker Speed Dating Etcetera Etcetera September 4 Gay Millionaires Dating Uk Gay Millionares Dating Gay Mingle2 Dating Site Gay Ministry Dating Site Gay Minnesota Dating Gay Minor Dating Help Gay Mobile Dating Uk Gay Mobile Text Dating Gay Monogamous Dating Gay Montreal Dating Site Gay Movies About Friends Dating Gay Mumbai Dating Sites Gay Musccles Dating Gay Muscle and Bear Dating Sites Gay Muscle Dating App Gay Muscle Worship Dating Gay Muscle Worship Dating Ni Gay Muslim Dating London Gay Naked Dating Pics Gay Naked Dating Uncensored Gay Naked Dating Xvideo Gay Narcissist Social Dating Sites Gay Native American Dating Sites Gay Navy Dating Sites Gay Nazi Dating Gay Neard Dating App Gay Needy Dating Memes Gay Ner Dating Gay Nerd Dating Memes Gay Nerd Dating Sites Gay Nerdy Dating Memes Gay New Dating Site Gay New Zealand Dating Site Gay Newry Dating Gay Niche Dating Sites Gay No Dating App Gay North Korea Dating Gay Norwich Dating Gay Nottingham Dating Gay Nsfw Dating Sim Gay Nsfw Dating Sims on Steam Gay Nsfw Dating Sims on Stem Gay Nude Dating Site Gay Nyc Speed Dating Gay Nylon Dating Gay Nylon Dating Sites Gay Older Dating Reddit Gay Older Dating Site Gay Older Dating Sites Gay Older for Younger Dating Sites Gay Older Men Dating App Gay Older Singles Dating Gay Older Younger Dating Site Gay on Line Dating Ft Wayne Indiana Gay Online Dating 37040 Gay Online Dating Adelaide Gay Online Dating and Chat Gay Online Dating Australia Gay Online Dating Barcelona Gay Online Dating Belfast Gay Online Dating Berlin Gay Online Dating Birmingham Gay Online Dating Blog Gay Online Dating Brisbane Gay Online Dating Calgary Gay Online Dating Cambridge Gay Online Dating Canberra Gay Online Dating Chennai Gay Online Dating Chicago Gay Online Dating China Gay Online Dating Dangers Gay Online Dating Delhi Gay Online Dating Deutschland Gay Online Dating Doesn& 39 Gay Online Dating Doesn't Work Gay Online Dating Dos and Don&( Gay Online Dating Dubai Gay Online Dating Edinburgh Gay Online Dating Edmonton Gay Online Dating Europe Gay Online Dating Experience Gay Online Dating Fickle People Gay Online Dating First Message Gay Online Dating France Gay Online Dating Germany Gay Online Dating Hobart Gay Online Dating Hong Kong Gay Online Dating Horror Stories Gay Online Dating in Canada Gay Online Dating in India Gay Online Dating in Manchester Gay Online Dating in South Africa Gay Online Dating in Your 40s Gay Online Dating Ireland Gay Online Dating Isnt Working Gay Online Dating Isnt Working Reddit Gay Online Dating Israel Gay Online Dating Italy Gay Online Dating Japan Gay Online Dating Johannesburg Gay Online Dating Kenya Gay Online Dating Kl Gay Online Dating Leeds Gay Online Dating London Gay Online Dating Manchester Gay Online Dating Melbourne Australia Gay Online Dating Melbourne Reviews Gay Online Dating Melbourne Whirlpool Gay Online Dating Montreal Gay Online Dating Mumbai Gay Online Dating New York Gay Online Dating New Zealand Gay Online Dating Northern Ireland Gay Online Dating Norway Gay Online Dating Not Working Gay Online Dating Nyc Reddit Gay Online Dating Nyc Reviews Gay Online Dating Nz Gay Online Dating Older Gay Online Dating Openers Gay Online Dating Ottawa Gay Online Dating Philadelphia Gay Online Dating Phone Number Gay Online Dating Profile Tips Examples Gay Online Dating Profile Tips for Females Gay Online Dating Profile Tips for Females 2017 Gay Online Dating Profile Tips for Guys Gay Online Dating Profiles Gay Online Dating Racism Gay Online Dating Rules Gay Online Dating Seattle Gay Online Dating Series Gay Online Dating Site for Free Gay Online Dating Site in India Gay Online Dating Site Review Gay Online Dating Sites in India Gay Online Dating Sites in Pakistan Gay Online Dating Sites Reviews Gay Online Dating Sites Uk Gay Online Dating South Yorkshire Gay Online Dating Spain Gay Online Dating Subculture Gay Online Dating Sweden Gay Online Dating Tamil Nadu Gay Online Dating Taunton Gay Online Dating Thailand Gay Online Dating Too Many Fickle Guys Gay Online Dating Toronto Gay Online Dating Tumblr Gay Online Dating Turkey Gay Online Dating Us Gay Online Dating Vancouver Gay Online Dating Walsall Gay Online Dating Websites in Usa Gay Online Dating Weird Asians Gay Online Dating West Yorkshire Gay Online Dating Winnipeg Gay Online Dating Wolverhampton Gay Online Dating Women Gay Online Dating Worldwide Gay Online Groups Dating and Chatting Gay Orthodox Christian Dating Gay Orthodox Christian Dating App Gay Otter Dating Site Gay Over 50 Dating Site Gay Oz Dating Sites Gay Pagan Dating Sites Gay Pagan Dating Uk Gay Palm Springs Dating Websites Gay Paraplegic Dating Gay Partner Cheating Dating Apps Gay Partner Using Dating Apps Gay Party and Play Dating Gay Pastor Dating Easley Sc Gay Pastoral Dating Easley Sc Gay Pastors Dating Online Gay Pastors Dating Site Gay Pastors Dating Site Greenville Sc Gay Pastors Dating Sites Gay Pastors Dating Sites in Greenville Sc Gay Penguins Dating Congratulations Gay People Dating Sites Gay People Dating Themselves Gay People Smaller Dating Pool Gay Person Dating Gay Person Dating Book Gay Person Dating Girl Gay Peru Dating Site Gay Philadelphia Dating Gay Philadelphia Hispanic Dating Gay Philipines Dating Site Gay Philippines Dating Site Gay Phone Dating Numbers Gay Phone Dating Site Gay Phone Dating Vancouver Gay Pig Dating Site Gay Pig Play Dating Gay Pigs Dating Site Gay Piss Fetish Dating Site Gay Platonic Dating Gay Plus Size Men Dating Gay Plymouth Meeting Pa Dating Gay Pnp Dating Gay Pokemon Visual Novel Dating Sim Gay Police Dating Uk Gay Police Officer Dating Site Gay Poly Dating Apps Gay Poly Dating Reddit Gay Poly Dating Site Gay Polyamorous Dating App Gay Polygamist Dating Sites Canada Gay Porn Dating Sim Gay Porn Dating Sim Games Gay Porn Online Dating Gay Porn Star Dating Gay Pornstar Brian on Mtv Dating Show Gay Portland Dating Online Gay Positive Dating Site for Asian Dating Gay Postcode Dating Gay Poz Dating Apps Gay Poz Dating Site Gay Presenter on Celebs Go Dating Gay Pride Dating Site Gay Pride Event Dating Gay Priest Dating Sites Gay Priest Dating Website Gay Prison Dating Sites Gay Prisoners Dating Gay Prisoners Dating Sites Gay Problmes Two Tops Dating Gay Professional Dating Nyc Gay Professional Dating Sites Uk Gay Professional Dating Website Gay Professional Speed Dating London Gay Professionals Dating London Gay Professionals Dating Site Gay Professionals Dating Uk Gay Professionals Speed Dating Gay Psoriasis Dating Gay Punk Dating Site Gay Punks Dating Gay Pup Dating App Gay Quadriplegic Dating Gay Racial Dating Preferences Gay Racism Dating Gay Racism Dating Apps Gay Radar Oline Dating Gay Rancher Dating Gay Receptionist Celebs Go Dating Gay
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2020.08.29 18:16 IdolA29Augl G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting

G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Websites Manchester Gay Dating Websites Manhunt Gay Dating Websites Melbourne Gay Dating Websites Moniters Jobs Gay Dating Websites Montreal Gay Dating Websites Netherlands Gay Dating Websites Newcastle Gay Dating Websites No Sign Up Gay Dating Websites Northern Ireland Gay Dating Websites Nz Gay Dating Websites Ottawa Gay Dating Websites Perth Gay Dating Websites Romania Gay Dating Websites Saudi Arabia Gay Dating Websites Seattle Gay Dating Websites Southeast Asia Gay Dating Websites Spain Gay Dating Websites Sweden Gay Dating Websites Switzerland Gay Dating Websites Thailand Gay Dating Websites Top Gay Dating Websites Toronto Gay Dating Websites Us Gay Dating Websites Utah Gay Dating Websites Vancouver Gay Dating Websites You Dont Have to Pay Gay Dating Webtsidtes Gay Dating Wenatchee Gay Dating Wesite Based on Income Gay Dating Wesite Paid or Gay Dating West Hollywood Gay Dating West London Gay Dating Western Australia Gay Dating Weston Super Mare Gay Dating Wexford Gay Dating What Am I Doing Wrong Gay Dating What Does Get a Drink Mean Gay Dating What to Talk About Gay Dating What's an Otter Gay Dating Wheaton Gay Dating Wheaton Il Gay Dating Wheaton No Sign Up Gay Dating When to Say I Love You Gay Dating When You Re Not Out Gay Dating Where Gay Dating While Black Gay Dating While in the Closet Gay Dating While Living at Home Gay Dating While Living at Home Reddit Gay Dating While Married Gay Dating Whitby Gay Dating Whitecmountian Men Gay Dating Who Pays for Dinner Gay Dating Who Pays Tge Bill Gay Dating Who Pays the Bill Gay Dating Who Should Pay Gay Dating Who Should Text First Gay Dating Who Texts First Gay Dating Wichita Gay Dating Wichita Ks Gay Dating Wikihow Gay Dating Williamsport Pa Gay Dating Wisconsin Gay Dating With Acne Gay Dating With Erectile Dysfunction Gay Dating With Free Search Gay Dating With Hiv Gay Dating With Ltr in Mind Gay Dating With No Assholes Gay Dating Without Hookups Gay Dating Without Internet Gay Dating Without Phone Apps Gay Dating Without Registering Gay Dating Woes Gay Dating Woking Gay Dating Wollongong Gay Dating Worcester Uk Gay Dating Workington Gay Dating Worksop Gay Dating World of Warcraft Gay Dating World Wide Gay Dating Worthing Gay Dating Wpp Gay Dating Wrexham Gay Dating Wuhan Gay Dating Wv Gay Dating Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Yangon Gay Dating Yeovil Gay Dating Yerevan Gay Dating York Uk Gay Dating Yorkshire Gay Dating Younger Guys Gay Dating Younger Men Gay Dating Younger Older Gay Dating Your Guide to Finding Love Jaye Sassieni Gay Dating Zagreb Gay Dating Zanesvilleohio Gay Dating Zoosk or Match Gay Deacon Dating Site Gay Denver Dating Gay Derry Dating Gay Desi Dating in Us Gay Designer Dating Striaght Boyfriend Gay Diabetic Dating Gay Dinner Dating London Gay Disabled Dating Canada Gay Disabled Dating Sites Gay Disabled Dating Spaces Gay Disabled Dating Uk Gay Discreet Dating Where to Meet Forum Gay Dominant Dating Gay Dominican Dating Sites Free Gay Down Low Dating Sites Gay Drug Friendly Dating Sight Gay Durban Dating Site Gay Durham Dating Gay Dutch Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Sites Gay Effeminate Dating Sites Gay Elder Dating Long Island Gay Elder Singles Dating Gay Electronic Music Dating Gay Emo Guy Dating Gay Engineer Dating App Gay Engineer Dating Site Gay Episcopalian Dating Gay Episode of Dating Around Gay Ethiopia Dating Gay European Dating Site Gay Excuse Dating Gay Executives Dating Gay Exhibionist Dating Gay Experiences With Online Dating Gay Face Dating Gay Fag Dating Site Gay Famers Dating Sites Gay Fantasy Dating Sims Gay Farm Boys Dating Site Gay Farmer Dating Sites Gay Farmers Dating Uk Gay Farmers Dating Website Gay Farmers Uk Dating Gay Fast Dating Gay Feet Dating App Gay Female Dating a Man Gay Female Status Dating Websites Gay Fish Dating Review Gay Fish Dating Uk Gay Fist Fuck Dating Site Gay Fisting Dating Site Gay Fitness Dating App Gay Flight Attendant Dating Gay Football Player Dating Around Gay Football Player Dating Around Netflix Gay Forces Dating Gay Fort Wayne Dating Gay Forum White Dating Asian Gay Free Dating and Sexting Gay Free Dating Boston Gay Free Dating Site in Usa No Payment Gay Free Dating Site's Gay Free Dating With Million of Members Gay Free Dating With Million of Members 2019 Gay Free Iphone Dating App Gay Free Online Dating Site Gay Freshman Dating Senior Gay Friendly Dating Site Gay Friendly Online Dating Gay Friendly Online Dating Sites Gay Friends With Benefits Dating Gay Frottage Dating Gay Frottage Dating Sites Gay Ftm Dating Tips Gay Fuck Buddy Dating Gay Furry Dating Apps Gay Furry Dating Discord Gay Furry Dating Ga Es Gay Furry Dating Gameshttps Gay Furry Dating Sim Porn Gay Furry Dating Sim Steam Gay Furry Dating Simulator Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games With Nsfw Gay Furry Dating Site Game 18+ Gay Furry Dating Sites Gay Furry or Furries Dating Gay Furry Rhino Dating Gay Gamer Dating Website Gay Gamer Online Dating Gay Gamers Dating Site Gay Games Dating Sim Gay Geek Dating Service Gay Geek Dating Sites Gay Geek Dating Uk Gay Geek Dating Website Gay Geeks Dating App Gay Geeks Dating Site Gay Ginger Dating Sites Gay Girl Dating a Straight Girl Gay Girl Dating Llc Gay Girl Dating Straight Girl Gay Girl Dating Tips Gay Girl Dating Websites Gay Giving Up Dating Gay Go Dating Login Gay Gold Digger Dating Site Gay Gold Diggers Dating Gay Greek Guy Dating Gay Guide to Dating Gay Guide to Dating Clothing Gay Guy Asd Dating Gay Guy Dating a Bi Guy Gay Guy Dating a Bisexual Gay Guy Dating a Lesbian Gay Guy Dating Girl Gay Guy Dating Guide Gay Guy Dating Older Guy Gay Guy Dating Rules Gay Guy Dating Show Gay Guy Dating Trans Girl Gay Guy Dating Website Gay Guy From Modern Family Dating Gay Guy Guide to Dating Gay Guy Off Celebs Go Dating Gay Guy Online Dating Gay Guy Starts Dating the Devil Comic Gay Guy's Guide to Dating Gay Guys Am I Dating a Guy Gay Guys Dating After 50 Gay Guys Dating B7 Gay Guys Dating Bangalore Gay Guys Dating Chat Gay Guys Dating on British Baking Show Gay Guys Dating Websites Gay Guys Dating Younger Gay Guys Dating Your Girlfriend Video Gay Guys From Dating Around Gay Guys With Long Hair Dating Gay Gypsy Dating Site Gay Gypsy Dating Uk Gay Gzb Dating Gay Hairy Dating Sites Gay Hairy Muscle Dating Gay Hanging Out Vs Dating Gay Hawaiian Dating Gay Hedonism Dating Gay Hentai Dating Sim Gay Hep C Dating Gay High School Dating Gay Hindu Dating Gay Hippie Dating Site Gay Hispanic Dating App Gay Hispanic Dating Sites Gay Hispanic Men Dating Site Gay Hiv and Stds Dating Site Free Gay Hiv Dating Australia Gay Hiv Dating Free Gay Hiv Dating London Gay Hiv Dating Sites From Around the World Gay Hiv Dating Sites Usa Gay Hiv Dating South Africa Gay Hiv Dating Website Gay Hiv Dating Websites Gay Hiv Dating Youtube Gay Hiv Positive Dating Uk Gay Honduras Dating Site Gay Hookup Dating Apps for Under 18 Gay Hookup Dating Salt Lake City Gay Hookup Dating Sites in Los Angeles Gay Hookup Without Dating Apps Gay Horney Sex Dating Online Gay Horoscope Dating Leo and Capricorn Gay Hot R Not Dating Gay Hpv Dating Gay Human Urinal Dating Gay Hunk and Twink Dating Gay Hunk Dating Site Gay Hunt Hookup and Dating Itunes Gay Husband Dating Gay Husband Using Dating Apps Gay Iline Dating Assholes Gay in the Closet Dating Gay Incest Dating Gay Indian Dating Usa Gay Indian Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Gay Indian Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Uk Gay Indie Dating Sim Gay Indie Dating Sim Nsfw Gay Interacial Dating Atlanta Gay Interacial Dating Sites Gay Intergenerational Dating Apps Gay Intergenerational Dating Tips Reddit Gay Internatinal Dating Gay International Dating Website Gay Internet Dating Cape Town Gay Internet Dating in South Africa Gay Internet Dating Scams Gay Internet Dating Tips Gay Internet Dating Uk Gay Interracial Dating Advice Gay Interracial Dating Atlanta Gay Interracial Dating Blog Gay Interracial Dating in Atlanta Gay Interracial Dating in New York Gay Interracial Dating in Usa Gay Interracial Dating Nyc Gay Interracial Dating Problems Gay Interracial Dating Tips Gay Interracual Dating App Gay Introduction Title for Online Dating Gay Inyerracial Dating Gay Iran Iranians Dating Gay Ireland Dating Sites Gay Irish Dating Buy and Sell Gay Islamabad Dating Gay Israle Dating Site Gay Italian American Dating Gay Jack'd Dating Gay Jail Dating Gay Japan Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Game Gay Japanese Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Uk Gay Japanese Men Dating Gay Jewish Dating London Gay Jewish Dating Los Angeles Gay Jewish Dating Near Me Gay Jewish Dating New York Gay Jewish Dating Nyc Gay Jewish Dating Service Gay Jewish Dating Site Uk Gay Jewish Dating Uk Gay Jewish Guy Dating Gay Jewish Online Dating Gay Jewish Singles Dating Gay Jewish Speed Dating Nyc Gay K9 Dating Gay Kid Dating Sites Gay Kid Dating Website Gay Kink Dating Site Gay Kink Dating Website Gay Korean Boy Dating Gay Korean Dating Apps Gay Korean Dating Florida Gay Lactation Fetish Dating Site Gay Latino Dating Apps for Older Guys Gay Latino Men Dating in Florida Gay Latino Thug Dating Gay Latino Thug Dating Sites Gay Latinos Pics Dating App Gay Lds Men Hanging Out or Dating Gay Leather Dating Site Gay Leather Muscle Dating Gay Leeds Dating Gay Legal Shota Boy Dating Gay Lesbian & Bisexual Singles Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Sites Gay Lesbian Dating Platforms Gay Lesbian Dating Uk Gay Lesbian Sober Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Nyc Gay Life Dating Sims Online Free Gay Lisbon Dating Gay Little Person Dating Gay Liverpool Dating Gay Location Based Dating Apps Gay London Dating Site Gay Long Distance Dating Gay Ltr Dating Sites Gay Lutheran Dating Gay Maine Dating Gay Malaysia Dating Site Gay Male Cops Free Dating Sites Gay Male Dating Advice Gay Male Dating Cherry Hill Nj Gay Male Dating Listings Gay Male Dating Listings San Francisco
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2020.08.29 18:08 HaulA29Augl Popular Ga-y & D-ating Si-te

Popular Ga-y & D-ating Si-te
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Sim National Parks Gay Dating Sim No Thank You Gay Dating Sim Nsfw Gay Dating Sim on Amazon Gay Dating Sim on Nintendo Switch Gay Dating Sim on Steam Gay Dating Sim Porn Games Gay Dating Sim Program Gay Dating Sim Sex Scene With Goggles Gay Dating Sim Steam Gay Dating Sim Tumblr Gay Dating Sim Videogame Gay Dating Sim With Fish Gay Dating Sim With Goldfish Route Gay Dating Similator Gay Dating Sims 2018 Gay Dating Sims Amdroid Gay Dating Sims for Android Gay Dating Sims Game Free Gay Dating Sims Nsfw Content Gay Dating Sims Reddit Gay Dating Sims Steam Gay Dating Sims Who We Are Now Gay Dating Sims Who We Are Now Download Gay Dating Simulator Anime Gay Dating Simulator Flash Player Gay Dating Simulator Free Gay Dating Simulators Android Gay Dating Simulators Online Gay Dating Site 100 Free Gay Dating Site 2014 Gay Dating Site 2015 Gay Dating Site Abu Dhabi Gay Dating Site Adam4adam Gay Dating Site Adelaide Gay Dating Site Alberta Gay Dating Site America Gay Dating Site App Austin Texas Gay Dating Site Are a Joke in Area Gay Dating Site Are a Joke in Y Area Gay Dating Site Asian Gay Dating Site at Kolkata Gay Dating Site Atlanta Gay Dating Site Au Gay Dating Site Austria Gay Dating Site Baltimore Maryland Gay Dating Site Bangkok Gay Dating Site Belfast Gay Dating Site Best Gay Dating Site Birmingham Gay Dating Site Boston Gay Dating Site Brasil Gay Dating Site Brazil Gay Dating Site Brisbane Gay Dating Site Browse Gay Dating Site Calgary Gay Dating Site Cebu Gay Dating Site Chandigarh Gay Dating Site Clue Gay Dating Site Comparison Gay Dating Site Cupid Gay Dating Site Cyprus Gay Dating Site Dallas Gay Dating Site Danmark Gay Dating Site Denver Gay Dating Site Distinct Gay Dating Site Dressing Gay Dating Site Edinburgh Gay Dating Site Egypt Gay Dating Site Eharmony Gay Dating Site England Gay Dating Site Español Gay Dating Site Florida Gay Dating Site for Asheville Nc Gay Dating Site for Big Dicks Gay Dating Site for Chasers Gay Dating Site for Consertives Gay Dating Site for Dallas Fort Worth Asian Men Gay Dating Site for Educators Gay Dating Site for Extremely Hairy Men Gay Dating Site for Gamers Gay Dating Site for Gay Man Looking for Asian Man Gay Dating Site for Hairy Bodybuilders Gay Dating Site for Hairy Bodybuildes Gay Dating Site for Hiv Gay Dating Site for Mumbai Gay Dating Site for Overweight Gay Dating Site for Pc Gay Dating Site for People Who Party Gay Dating Site for People With Disabilities Gay Dating Site for Relationship Gay Dating Site for Young Twink Boys Gay Dating Site Fort Worth Dallas Gay Dating Site Free Pics Gay Dating Site Free Uk Gay Dating Site Free Usa Gay Dating Site Free Use Gay Dating Site French Gay Dating Site Gaydar Gay Dating Site Ghana Gay Dating Site Glasgow Gay Dating Site Greece Gay Dating Site Gujarat Gay Dating Site Hamilton Gay Dating Site Hastags Gay Dating Site Holland Gay Dating Site Houston Gay Dating Site Hyderabad Gay Dating Site Iceland Gay Dating Site in Brazil Gay Dating Site in Cebu Gay Dating Site in Chennai Gay Dating Site in China Gay Dating Site in Coimbatore Gay Dating Site in Denmark Gay Dating Site in Dubai Gay Dating Site in Egypt Gay Dating Site in Gauteng Gay Dating Site in Harlingen Texas Gay Dating Site in Ireland Gay Dating Site in Italy Gay Dating Site in Jhb Gay Dating Site in Kolkata Gay Dating Site in Lahore Gay Dating Site in London Gay Dating Site in Los Angeles Gay Dating Site in Malaysia Gay Dating Site in Mississauga Gay Dating Site in Mombasa Gay Dating Site in Nairobi Gay Dating Site in New York Gay Dating Site in New Zealand Gay Dating Site in Norway Gay Dating Site in Russia Gay Dating Site in Singapore Gay Dating Site in Sweden Gay Dating Site in Switzerland Gay Dating Site in Sydney Gay Dating Site in Thailand Gay Dating Site in the Uk Gay Dating Site in the World Gay Dating Site in Us Gay Dating Site in Usa and Canada Gay Dating Site Indore Gay Dating Site Israel Gay Dating Site Jhb Gay Dating Site Jock Gay Dating Site Johannesburg Gay Dating Site Kolkata Gay Dating Site La Jolla Gay Dating Site Las Vegas Gay Dating Site Like Manhunt Gay Dating Site Like Tinder Gay Dating Site Liverpool Gay Dating Site Local Gay Dating Site London Ontario Gay Dating Site Long Island Gay Dating Site Los Angeles Gay Dating Site Ltr Gay Dating Site Malta Gay Dating Site Manchester Gay Dating Site Manhunt Gay Dating Site Melbourne Gay Dating Site Meme Gay Dating Site Mexico Gay Dating Site Miami Gay Dating Site Michigan Gay Dating Site Middle East Gay Dating Site Minot Nd Gay Dating Site Namibia Gay Dating Site New York Gay Dating Site New Zealand Gay Dating Site Nsw Gay Dating Site Nudes Gay Dating Site of India Gay Dating Site of Mumbai Gay Dating Site Ontario Gay Dating Site Orlando Gay Dating Site Ottawa Gay Dating Site Ottawa Ontario Gay Dating Site Paris Gay Dating Site Perth Gay Dating Site Pittsburgh Gay Dating Site Poland Gay Dating Site Popular Gay Dating Site Pune Gay Dating Site Qld Gay Dating Site Quebec Gay Dating Site Rankings Gay Dating Site Reddit Gay Dating Site Relationship Gay Dating Site Riyadh Gay Dating Site Russian Gay Dating Site San Francisco Gay Dating Site Saudi Arabia Gay Dating Site Seattle Gay Dating Site Sg Gay Dating Site Spain Gay Dating Site Stops Registration After Hiv Scare Gay Dating Site Sverige Gay Dating Site Switzerland Gay Dating Site Tags Gay Dating Site Tampa Gay Dating Site Text Notificxations Gay Dating Site Thailand Gay Dating Site Tinder Gay Dating Site Tips Gay Dating Site Tokyo Gay Dating Site Used by Buttigieg Gay Dating Site Usernames Gay Dating Site Victoria Gay Dating Site Vietnam Gay Dating Site Washington Dc Gay Dating Site Winnipeg Gay Dating Site With Most Users Gay Dating Site With No Hookups Gay Dating Site With Only Hairy Gays Gay Dating Site Without Credit Card Gay Dating Site Woods Gay Dating Site World Gay Dating Site Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Site Zimbabwe Gay Dating Site's on My Area Gay Dating Sites 2013 Gay Dating Sites 2014 Gay Dating Sites 2015 Gay Dating Sites 2016 Free Gay Dating Sites A4a Gay Dating Sites Adam4adam Gay Dating Sites Adelaide Gay Dating Sites Ads Gay Dating Sites Affiliate Programs Gay Dating Sites Ahmedabad Gay Dating Sites Alaska Gay Dating Sites Albany Ny Gay Dating Sites Alberta Gay Dating Sites America Gay Dating Sites Around the World Gay Dating Sites Asia Gay Dating Sites Asian Gay Dating Sites Aurangabad Gay Dating Sites Austin Tx Gay Dating Sites Austria Gay Dating Sites Baltimore Gay Dating Sites Barrie Gay Dating Sites Belfast Gay Dating Sites Berlin Gay Dating Sites Between America and Japan Gay Dating Sites Black Gay Dating Sites Boise Gay Dating Sites Bournemouth Gay Dating Sites Bradford Gay Dating Sites Brazil Gay Dating Sites Brighton Gay Dating Sites Brisbane Gay Dating Sites Bunbury Gay Dating Sites Bunkie La Gay Dating Sites Calgary Gay Dating Sites California Gay Dating Sites Canberra Gay Dating Sites Cardiff Gay Dating Sites Chandigarh Gay Dating Sites Chesterfield Gay Dating Sites Chillicothe Ohio Gay Dating Sites Christian Gay Dating Sites Cincinnati Gay Dating Sites College Gay Dating Sites Colorado Gay Dating Sites Compare Gay Dating Sites Cork Gay Dating Sites Costa Rica Gay Dating Sites Croatia Gay Dating Sites Cupid Gay Dating Sites Czech Republic Gay Dating Sites Daddy Boy Gay Dating Sites Denver Gay Dating Sites Derbyshire Gay Dating Sites Diktek Gay Dating Sites Distreate Gay Dating Sites Downloadable Computer Gay Dating Sites Dubai Gay Dating Sites Durban Gay Dating Sites East London Gay Dating Sites Ebony Gay Dating Sites Edmonton Gay Dating Sites Egypt Gay Dating Sites Fake Profiles Straight Men Gay Dating Sites Famous on 2000 Gay Dating Sites Florida Gay Dating Sites for 14 Year Olds in Arizona Gay Dating Sites for 14 Year Olds in Phoenix Gay Dating Sites for 18 Year Old Males Gay Dating Sites for 18 Year Olds Gay Dating Sites for 50 Year Olds Gay Dating Sites for Android Gay Dating Sites for Chubby Men to Find Chasers Gay Dating Sites for Disabiity Gay Dating Sites for Disability Gay Dating Sites for Disabled Free Gay Dating Sites for Free No Money Gay Dating Sites for Free No Payment Gay Dating Sites for Grandpas Gay Dating Sites for Iphone Gay Dating Sites for Ltr Gay Dating Sites for Married Men Gay Dating Sites for Matured People Gay Dating Sites for Older Guys Gay Dating Sites for Pc Gay Dating Sites for People With Hiv Gay Dating Sites for Politicians Gay Dating Sites for Sex Gay Dating Sites for South Africa Gay Dating Sites for Spanish Gay Dating Sites for Young Adults Gay Dating Sites for Younger Gay Dating Sites Free Chating Gay Dating Sites Free Chatting Gay Dating Sites Fresno Gay Dating Sites Gauteng Gay Dating Sites Get Laid Now Gay Dating Sites Goa Gay Dating Sites Gold Coast Gay Dating Sites Grand Junction Gay Dating Sites Greece Gay Dating Sites Grinder Gay Dating Sites Halifax Gay Dating Sites Hamilton Gay Dating Sites Hamilton Ontario Gay Dating Sites Hiv Gay Dating Sites How to Spot Gay Dating Sites How to Spot Fake Profiles Gay Dating Sites Hull Gay Dating Sites in Akron Ohio Gay Dating Sites in Albany Gay Dating Sites in America 2019 Gay Dating Sites in Arizona Gay Dating Sites in Aruba Gay Dating Sites in Asia Gay Dating Sites in Baltimore Maryland Gay Dating Sites in Berlin Germany Gay Dating Sites in Cebu Gay Dating Sites in Chennai Gay Dating Sites in China Gay Dating Sites in Colorado Gay Dating Sites in Connecticut Gay Dating Sites in Cork Gay Dating Sites in Cyprus Gay Dating Sites in Dallas Gay Dating Sites in Denmark Gay Dating Sites in Denver Gay Dating Sites in Dublin Gay Dating Sites in Edmonton Gay Dating Sites in Egypt Gay Dating Sites in England Gay Dating Sites in Gauteng Gay Dating Sites in Greece Gay Dating Sites in Halifax Gay Dating Sites in Hull Gay Dating Sites in Israel Gay Dating Sites in Jacksonville Florida Gay Dating Sites in Japan Gay Dating Sites in Jhb Gay Dating Sites in Johannesburg Gay Dating Sites in Kerala Gay Dating Sites in Korea Gay Dating Sites in Louisville Gay Dating Sites in Lucknow Gay Dating Sites in Madrid Gay Dating Sites in Malaysia Gay Dating Sites in Melbourne Gay Dating Sites in
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2020.08.29 18:06 HaulA29Augl Me-et G-ay With Da-ting Po-rtal Usa

Me-et G-ay With Da-ting Po-rtal Usa
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Meetup in Nyc Gay Dating Melbourne Australia Gay Dating Membership Gay Dating Membership Salt Lake City Gay Dating Memphis Tn Gay Dating Memphis Tn Not Black Gay Dating Men Most Popular Gay Dating Men With Beard Gay Dating Men With Six Packs Gay Dating Message Read Gay Dating Mexican Gay Dating Middle School Gay Dating Milan Gay Dating Milestones Gay Dating Mill Hill Gay Dating Milton Keynes Gay Dating Minecraft Server Gay Dating Mingle2 Gay Dating Minnesotta Gay Dating Mississauga Gay Dating Missoula Gay Dating Missoula Mt Gay Dating Mixed Signals Gay Dating Mobile Uk Gay Dating Moldova Gay Dating Mombasa Gay Dating Moncton Gay Dating Mountain Home Gay Dating Mountain Home Arkansas Gay Dating Mountain Home Arkansas Ome Gay Dating Moving Too Fast Gay Dating Mtf Gay Dating Much Older Gay Dating Multiple Gay Dating Mumbai Topix Gay Dating Munich Gay Dating Muskoka Gay Dating Mysore Gay Dating N Ireland Gay Dating Nagoya Gay Dating Nagpur Gay Dating Naked Erection Gay Dating Naked Hard Cock Picks Gay Dating Naked Hard Cock Pics Gay Dating Nanaimo Gay Dating Nanded Gay Dating Nashik Gay Dating Nashville Tn Gay Dating Navi Mumbai Gay Dating Navsari Gay Dating Near Cleveland Ohio Gay Dating Near Jackson Michigan Gay Dating Near Me 24263 Gay Dating Near Wheaton Gay Dating Near Wheaton Il Gay Dating Near You Gay Dating Nebraska Gay Dating Nelson Gay Dating Nelson Nz Gay Dating Nethrelands Gay Dating Networking Site Gay Dating Networking Sites Gay Dating Nevwr Intiatiates Texts but Always Respinds Gay Dating New Hampshire Gay Dating New Haven Gay Dating New Mexico Gay Dating Newcastle Gay Dating Newcastle Nsw Gay Dating Newcastle Under Lyme Gay Dating Newport Wales Gay Dating News Email Scam Gay Dating News Scam Gay Dating Nha Trang Gay Dating Niagara Falls Gay Dating Nicaragua Gay Dating Nice France Gay Dating Nice Guy Gay Dating Niceville Florida Gay Dating Niche Blackhatworld Gay Dating Niche Reddit Gay Dating Nicosia Gay Dating Niederlande Gay Dating Nightmares Gay Dating Nights London Gay Dating Ningbo Gay Dating Nizamabad Gay Dating No Age Limit Gay Dating No Credit Card Gay Dating No Hookups Gay Dating No Registering Gay Dating Noida Gay Dating Norfolk Uk Gay Dating North Ayrshire Gay Dating North Carolina 2018 Gay Dating North Carolina Beaches Gay Dating North London Gay Dating North Shields Gay Dating North West Gay Dating Northern Ireland Viva Gay Dating Northumberland Gay Dating Not Grindr Gay Dating Not Hook Up Gay Dating Not Hook Up Site Gay Dating Not Out Gay Dating Nothing Serious Gay Dating Nowra Gay Dating Nuneaton Gay Dating Nyc Tumblr Gay Dating Nyu Gay Dating Nz Free Gay Dating Oahu Gay Dating Oakville Gay Dating Oban Gay Dating Odisha Gay Dating Okcupid 77521 Gay Dating Okinawa Gay Dating Oldenburg Gay Dating Olympia Gay Dating Omagh Gay Dating on Android Gay Dating on Ashley Madison Gay Dating on Browser Gay Dating on Bumble Gay Dating on Eharmony Gay Dating on Fb Gay Dating on Iphone Gay Dating on Match Gay Dating on Gay Dating on Meetme Gay Dating on Okcupid Gay Dating on Our Time Gay Dating on Ourtime Gay Dating on the Down Low Gay Dating on Twitter Gay Dating Online Advice Gay Dating Online Belgium Gay Dating Online Canada Gay Dating Online Colorado Springs Gay Dating Online Free 20 and Up Gay Dating Online Games Gay Dating Online in India Gay Dating Online India Gay Dating Online Indonesia Gay Dating Online Ireland Gay Dating Online Kenya Gay Dating Online London Gay Dating Online Melbourne Gay Dating Online Northern Ireland Gay Dating Online Nz Gay Dating Online Reddit Gay Dating Online Rochdale Gay Dating Online Singapore Gay Dating Online Tips Gay Dating Online Website Gay Dating Online Websites Gay Dating Open Relationship Gay Dating Open Relationships Gay Dating Options Gay Dating Orange Nsw Gay Dating Oregob Il Gay Dating Osaka Gay Dating Oshkosh Wisconsin Gay Dating Oswego Ny Gay Dating Ottawa Ontario Gay Dating Outdoor Gay Dating Outside of Grindr Gay Dating Over 30 Gay Dating Over 50 in Pullman Gay Dating Over 50 in Sc Gay Dating Over 55 Gay Dating Over 60 Gay Dating Oxfordshire Gay Dating Paisley Gay Dating Paphos Gay Dating Pathankot Gay Dating Paypal Gay Dating Pc Apps Gay Dating Pc Apps for Pc Gay Dating Pcmc Gay Dating Pda Gay Dating Pei Gay Dating Penrith Gay Dating Pensacola Gay Dating Personal Adds Gay Dating Personality Test Gay Dating Personals Thunder Bay Gay Dating Perth Au Gay Dating Perth Australia Gay Dating Perth Scotland Gay Dating Perth Uk Gay Dating Perth Wa Gay Dating Phases Gay Dating Philadelphia Pa Gay Dating Phobe Chat Gay Dating Phone App for Android Gay Dating Phone App Most Popular Gay Dating Phone Apps for Android Gay Dating Phone Apps Most Popular Gay Dating Phone Call Gay Dating Phone Chat Gay Dating Phone Line Gay Dating Pimpri Gay Dating Pitfalls Gay Dating Pittsburgh Math Gay Dating Pk Gay Dating Place in Chennai Gay Dating Place in Delhi Gay Dating Place in Gurgaon Gay Dating Place in Mumbai Gay Dating Places in Bangalore Gay Dating Places in Delhi Gay Dating Places in Hyderabad Gay Dating Places in London Gay Dating Places in Pune Gay Dating Places in Salt Lake City Gay Dating Places in Varanasi Gay Dating Plattform Usa Gay Dating Plymouth Gay Dating Plymouth Uk Gay Dating Podcasts Gay Dating Polk County Florida Gay Dating Portal Usa Gay Dating Portland Me Gay Dating Portsmouth Uk Gay Dating Poz Gay Dating Pride Gay Dating Pride Events Gay Dating Prince George Gay Dating Prisoners Sites Gay Dating Problems Reddit Gay Dating Profile in Indiana Gay Dating Profile Reddit Gay Dating Profile Template Gay Dating Profiles Hyderabad Gay Dating Profiles in Lebanon Oregon Gay Dating Progression Gay Dating Providence Gay Dating Public Gay Dating Qld Gay Dating Quebec City Gay Dating Queens Gay Dating Queensland Gay Dating Queenstown Gay Dating Questions to Ask Gay Dating Quito Gay Dating Quizzes Gay Dating Quora Gay Dating Radar App Gay Dating Radar App for Android Gay Dating Raipur Gay Dating Rajkot Gay Dating Ranchi Gay Dating Reading England Gay Dating Real Life Gay Dating Reality Tv Shows Gay Dating Recon Gay Dating Redding Ca Gay Dating Reddir Gay Dating Redditch Gay Dating Relationship Advice Gay Dating Relationship Sites Gay Dating Relationship Sites Young Gay Dating Reykjavik Gay Dating Rhodes Greece Gay Dating Rio De Janeiro Gay Dating Riverside Gay Dating Ro Gay Dating Rochester Mn Gay Dating Rockford Il Gay Dating Romford Gay Dating Roses for Sex Meaning Gay Dating Rpg Gay Dating Rugby Gay Dating Runcorn Gay Dating Russian in Us Gay Dating Sabah Gay Dating Sacramento Ca Gay Dating Saigon Gay Dating Saint Louis Gay Dating Saint Petersburg Russia Gay Dating Salinas Ca Gay Dating Salt Lake Gay Dating Salt Lake City Utah Gay Dating Same Name Gay Dating San Antonio Texas Gay Dating San Francisco Bay Area Gay Dating San Jose Ca Gay Dating Santa Barbara Gay Dating Santa Few Gay Dating Santa Monica Gay Dating Santa Nonica Gay Dating Santa Rosa Gay Dating Santiago Chile Gay Dating Sao Paulo Gay Dating Sarasota Florida Gay Dating Sask Gay Dating Saskatchewan Gay Dating Savannah Gay Dating Savannah Ga Gay Dating Savannah Georgia Gay Dating Scam Letter Gay Dating Scam Picture Check Gay Dating Scammers in Kiev Gay Dating Scammers in Ukraine Gay Dating Scams Ghana Gay Dating Scams in Nigeria Gay Dating Scandinavia Gay Dating Scene Houston Gay Dating Scene in Los Angeles Reddit Gay Dating Scene in Nyc Gay Dating Scene in San Francisco Gay Dating Scene Nashville Gay Dating Scene Nyc Gay Dating Schenectady Ny Gay Dating Script Clones Gay Dating Second Best Gay Dating Secret Gay Dating Secunderabad Gay Dating Sedalia Mo Gay Dating Self Help Books Gay Dating Seminole Oklahoma Gay Dating Sending Flowers Gay Dating Seniors Gay Dating Servers Discord Gay Dating Service Atlanta Gay Dating Service Boston Gay Dating Service Crossword Clue Gay Dating Service Dc Gay Dating Service for Dallas Fort Worth Gay Dating Service Houston Gay Dating Service in Nyc Gay Dating Service London Gay Dating Service Looking for a 10 Inch Cock Gay Dating Service Melbourne Gay Dating Service Montreal Gay Dating Service New Hampshire Gay Dating Service New York City Gay Dating Service on Long Island Ny Gay Dating Service Over 50 Gay Dating Service Pittsburgh Gay Dating Service South Africa Gay Dating Service Vancouver Gay Dating Service Westchester Ny Gay Dating Services Chicago Gay Dating Services in 21102 Gay Dating Services in Manchester Md Gay Dating Services Kenya Gay Dating Services Nyc Gay Dating Services San Francisco Gay Dating Services W Pics Gay Dating Sex Comes First Gay Dating Sex First Date Gay Dating Sex on First Date Gay Dating Sex Sights Gay Dating Sex Sim Gay Dating Sex Sim Pay Gay Dating Sex Usa Gay Dating Sex X Gay Dating Seychelles Gay Dating Sharm El Sheikh Gay Dating Shelmales Gay Dating Shillong Gay Dating Short Guys Gay Dating Short Overwait Asian Gay Dating Shorter Guys Gay Dating Show 2000s Gay Dating Show 2016 Gay Dating Show 2017 Gay Dating Show 2019 Gay Dating Show Boy Meets Boy Gay Dating Show Bravo Gay Dating Show Casting 2019 Gay Dating Show Contestants Don't Match Gay Dating Show Date My Mom Episodes Gay Dating Show Date My Mom Episodes Online Gay Dating Show Keith Gay Dating Show Logo Gay Dating Show Matt and Ben Gay Dating Show Mtv Gay Dating Show Netflix Gay Dating Show Next Gay Dating Show on Bravo Gay Dating Show on Youtube Gay Dating Shropshire Gay Dating Sida Gay Dating Side Free Gay Dating Side in Harlingen Texas Gay Dating Sight Hinge Gay Dating Sight on Craigs List Marietta Ohio Gay Dating Sign in Gay Dating Sim Apk Gay Dating Sim App Android Gay Dating Sim Boobs Gay Dating Sim Camp Gay Dating Sim Coming Out on Top Sex Gay Dating Sim Dad Gay Dating Sim Game Android Gay Dating Sim Game Kickstarter Gay Dating Sim Games on Steam Gay Dating Sim Iphone
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2020.08.29 18:03 HaulA29Augl G-ay Da-ting Fir-st D-ate

G-ay Da-ting Fir-st D-ate
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Apps for Blackberry Z10 Gay Dating Apps for Chasers Gay Dating Apps for Computer Gay Dating Apps for Couples Gay Dating Apps for Ios Gay Dating Apps for Ipad Gay Dating Apps for Iphone 2013 Gay Dating Apps for Iphone Free Gay Dating Apps for Locals Gay Dating Apps for Love Gay Dating Apps for Massachusetts Gay Dating Apps for Middle East Gay Dating Apps for Nokia Gay Dating Apps for Older Men Who Like Younger Men Gay Dating Apps for Quick Hookups Gay Dating Apps for Relationships Bay Area Gay Dating Apps for Relatonships Not Hookups Gay Dating Apps for Savannah Gay Dating Apps for Sex Gay Dating Apps for Sexting Gay Dating Apps for Stroke Patients Gay Dating Apps for Windows 7 Gay Dating Apps for Windows 7 Phone Gay Dating Apps for Windows 8 Gay Dating Apps Googleplay Gay Dating Apps Hk Gay Dating Apps Houston Gay Dating Apps Huffington Post Gay Dating Apps in Cameroon Gay Dating Apps in Delhi Gay Dating Apps in Egypt Gay Dating Apps in Mexico Gay Dating Apps in the Uk Gay Dating Apps Ipad Gay Dating Apps Israel Gay Dating Apps Itunes Gay Dating Apps Like Hornet Gay Dating Apps Lisbon Gay Dating Apps Make Me Depressed Gay Dating Apps Melbourne Gay Dating Apps Mental Health Gay Dating Apps N Seeking Pigs Gay Dating Apps New Alert Gay Dating Apps New York Gay Dating Apps No Facebook Gay Dating Apps No Hookups Gay Dating Apps Nokia Gay Dating Apps Not Grindr Gay Dating Apps Not Grindr Reddit Gay Dating Apps Not Hookup Gay Dating Apps Not Just for Hookups Gay Dating Apps Older Gay Dating Apps on Android Gay Dating Apps on Blackberry Gay Dating Apps on Both Iphone and Android Gay Dating Apps on Facebook Gay Dating Apps on Iphone Gay Dating Apps Other Than Grinder Gay Dating Apps Other Than Grindr Gay Dating Apps Ottawa Gay Dating Apps Pigs Gay Dating Apps Pinknews Gay Dating Apps Popular as Grindr Gay Dating Apps Reviews Gay Dating Apps Schweiz Gay Dating Apps Scruff Gay Dating Apps Shanghai Gay Dating Apps Site Gay Dating Apps Statistics Gay Dating Apps Suck Gay Dating Apps That's Better Than Grindr Gay Dating Apps Thats Better Than Grindr Gay Dating Apps Tips Gay Dating Apps Trans Gay Dating Apps Uganda Gay Dating Apps Uk 2017 Gay Dating Apps Uk 2018 Gay Dating Apps Us Gay Dating Apps Utah Gay Dating Apps Where People Actually Date Gay Dating Apps Which Shows Post Changes Gay Dating Apps Windows Gay Dating Apps Windows 7 Phone Gay Dating Apps Windows 8 Gay Dating Apps With Hotest Guys Gay Dating Apps With Most Users Gay Dating Apps Worth the Money Gay Dating Apps Zambia Gay Dating Aps Tumbr Gay Dating Arab Middle Eastern Men Gay Dating Arkansas Gay Dating Armidale Gay Dating Around Carlisle Pa Gay Dating Around Netflix Gay Dating as a Minority Gay Dating as an Asian Gay Dating Asansol Gay Dating Asheville Gay Dating Ashley Madison Gay Dating Ashtabula County Gay Dating Asian Guys Gay Dating Asian Guys Daddy Gay Dating Asian Guys Daddy Sf Gay Dating Asite La Jolla Gay Dating Asking a Guy Out Gay Dating Astrology Gay Dating at 35 Years Old Gay Dating at 40 Gay Dating at 45 Gay Dating at 50 Gay Dating at Harvard Gay Dating at Kolkata Gay Dating at the Gym Gay Dating Atlanta Impossile Gay Dating Atlantic City Gay Dating Audio Books Gay Dating Augusta Ga Gay Dating Augusta Maine Gay Dating Aurangabad Gay Dating Australia Free Gay Dating Ayr Gay Dating Ballymena Gay Dating Banbury Gay Dating Bandra Gay Dating Bangalore Vivastreet Gay Dating Bangor Maine Gay Dating Bangor Maine 2018 Gay Dating Baroda-topix/ Gay Dating Barrie Gay Dating Bars Gay Dating Bases Gay Dating Basingstoke Gay Dating Bbc Stories Gay Dating Bbm Pins Gay Dating Bbsr Gay Dating Beaumont Tx Gay Dating Belgaum Gay Dating Belize Gay Dating Belleville Ontario Gay Dating Bellingham Gay Dating Bender Vs Gay Dating Benidorm Gay Dating Bergen Gay Dating Bergen Norway Gay Dating Berkeley Gay Dating Berkshire Gay Dating Best App Gay Dating Beverly Hills Gay Dating Bharuch Gay Dating Bhavnagar Gay Dating Bhilai Gay Dating Bhopal Gay Dating Bhubaneswar Gay Dating Big Black Cock Stories Gay Dating Bisexual Guy Reddit Gay Dating Bkk Gay Dating Blackberry Apps Gay Dating Blackburn Gay Dating Blog London Gay Dating Bochum Gay Dating Boise Gay Dating Bologna Gay Dating Bolton Uk Gay Dating Bonaire Gay Dating Books R Gay Dating Books Reddit Gay Dating Bots Gay Dating Bracknell Gay Dating Brampton Gay Dating Brantford Gay Dating Bristol Uk Gay Dating Bromley Gay Dating Bronx Gay Dating Browser Nsfw Gay Dating Bundaberg Gay Dating Buried Penis Gay Dating Burlington Vt Gay Dating Burnley Gay Dating Bury St Edmunds Gay Dating Buzzfeed Gay Dating by Text Gay Dating Calicut Gay Dating California Beaten by Trump Supporter Gay Dating Cambridge Uk Gay Dating Cambridgeshire Gay Dating Canterbury Gay Dating Cape Coral Fl Gay Dating Cape Coral Florida Gay Dating Cape Town Locanto Gay Dating Carlisle Gay Dating Carlow Gay Dating Castleford Gay Dating Cbe Gay Dating Cedar City Ut Gay Dating Cedar Rapids Gay Dating Central Coast Nsw Gay Dating Central London Gay Dating Central Valley Gay Dating Challenges Gay Dating Chandigarh Gay Dating Channel Gay Dating Charlottesville Gay Dating Chat Format Gay Dating Chat Lines Gay Dating Chat Rooms and Porn Sites Gay Dating Chat Websites Gay Dating Chatrooms and Porn Sites Gay Dating Chatrroms Gay Dating Cheltenham Gay Dating Chester Gay Dating Chichester Gay Dating Chubby Chasers Gay Dating Cinnamon_fire Gay Dating Cjatsworth Ca Gay Dating Clacton on Sea Gay Dating Clarksville Tn Gay Dating Co Clare Gay Dating Co Uk Gay Dating Coach Boston Gay Dating Coach Kansas City Gay Dating Coach London Gay Dating Coach Sf Gay Dating Coaching Gay Dating Cochin Gay Dating Cock Pics Gay Dating Code Words Gay Dating College Advice Gay Dating College Station Gay Dating Com Safe Gay Dating Coming on Too Strong Gay Dating Communication Gay Dating Computer App Gay Dating Conneaut Ohio Gay Dating Conversation Topics Gay Dating Cork City Gay Dating Cornwall Uk Gay Dating Costa Del Sol Gay Dating Cowboys Gay Dating Craigavon Gay Dating Cruise Gay Dating Culture Gay Dating Culture in Munich Gay Dating Cuttack Gay Dating Darlington Gay Dating Davao Gay Dating Dayton Ohio Gay Dating Deal Breakers Gay Dating Dealing With Rejection Gay Dating Decoded Gay Dating Delgi Gay Dating Delhi Ncr Gay Dating Delhi Topix Gay Dating Delray Beach Gay Dating Dentist Gay Dating Denton Tx Gay Dating Depression Gay Dating Derby Gay Dating Derbyshire Gay Dating Derry Gay Dating Desktop Gay Dating Dfw Gay Dating Dharmapuri Gay Dating Differences Gay Dating Difficulties Reddit Gay Dating Difficulty Gay Dating Disabled Gay Dating Disappointment Gay Dating Discord Severs Gay Dating Distinct Gay Dating Dites Robert Brown Diktek Gay Dating Dl Gay Dating Doctor Gay Dating Documentary Gay Dating Does He Like Me Gay Dating Does the Top Propose Gay Dating Doms Gay Dating Don'ts Gay Dating Dos and Don& 39 Gay Dating Dothan Gay Dating Dothan Al Gay Dating Dripling Springs Gay Dating Dumfries Gay Dating Dumfries and Galloway Gay Dating Dunedin Gay Dating Durgapur Gay Dating Durham Uk Gay Dating Dusseldorf Gay Dating Dwarka Mod Gay Dating Dynamics Gay Dating Early Stages Gay Dating East Delhi Gay Dating East London Gay Dating East Sussex Gay Dating Eastern Europe Gay Dating Eksi Gay Dating Elite Gay Dating Elmira Ny Gay Dating en Cali Valle Gay Dating en Cali Valle Rafael Colonia Gay Dating Enfield Gay Dating Enniskillen Gay Dating Erie Pa Gay Dating Erode Gay Dating Espana Gay Dating España Gay Dating Estonia Gay Dating Evansville in Gay Dating Event Gay Dating Events Birmingham Gay Dating Events Brisbane Gay Dating Events Canberra Gay Dating Events Dc Gay Dating Events Denver Co Gay Dating Events in Nyc Gay Dating Events Manchester Gay Dating Events St Louis Gay Dating Events Sydney Gay Dating Facebook App Gay Dating Falkirk Wheel Gay Dating Falling in Love Gay Dating Fargo Gay Dating Faridabad Gay Dating Faroe Islands Gay Dating Fayetteville Nc Gay Dating Fife Gay Dating First Date Gay Dating First Date Advice Gay Dating First Kiss Gay Dating First Message Gay Dating First Month Gay Dating Flagstaff Gay Dating Flowerd for Second Date Gay Dating Flowers Gay Dating for 11 Year Olds Gay Dating for 19 Year Olds in Utah Gay Dating for 20 Year Olds Gay Dating for 30's and 40's Gay Dating for Android Gay Dating for Blac Free of Charge Gay Dating for Black Free of Charge Gay Dating for Blackberry Gay Dating for Boy Lovers Gay Dating for Boylovers Gay Dating for Boylovers Who Date Other Boylovers Gay Dating for College Students Gay Dating for Couple Gay Dating for Iphone Gay Dating for Love Gay Dating for Ltr Gay Dating for Marriage Gay Dating for Men Ober 40 Gay Dating for Men Over 40 Gay Dating for Nerds Gay Dating for Relationship Apps for Local People Gay Dating for Relationships Gay Dating for Sissies Gay Dating for Socially Anxious Gay Dating for Teens Advice Gay Dating for Twinks Gay Dating for Virgins Gay Dating for Windows Phone Gay Dating for Youth Gay Dating Forever Gay Dating Fort Collins Gay Dating Fort Mcmurray Gay Dating Fort Worth Texas Gay Dating Frederick Md Gay Dating Frederivk Gay Dating Free Canada Gay Dating Free Gay Dating Gay Dating Free Messaging Gay Dating Free Search Gay Dating Free State Gay Dating Free Uk Gay Dating Free Usa Gay Dating Friend Zone Gay Dating Friendzonw Gay Dating Frustrating Gay Dating Ft Lauderdale Gay Dating Ft Myers Gay Dating Ft Myers Fl Gay Dating Ftm Reddit Gay Dating Gainesville Fl Gay Dating Galashiels Gay Dating Gambia Gay Dating Game Android Gay Dating Game App Ios Gay Dating Game Apps Gay Dating Game Ios Gay Dating Game Show Orgy Gay Dating Game Voice Actor Gay Dating Game With Masseurs Gay Dating Games Free Online Gay Dating Games Ios Gay Dating Games on Steam Gay Dating Games Porn Gay Dating Gandhidham Gay Dating Gatineau Gay Dating Gauteng Gay Dating Geeks
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2020.08.28 18:11 HaulA28Augl Bum-ble G-ay International Da-ting Too

Bum-ble G-ay International Da-ting Too
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
International Gay Dating Is Dating a Transgender Gay Jalandhar Gay Dating Mature Gay Men Dating Mothership Gay Dating Older Gay Dating Ireland Older Gay Male Dating Russian Gay Dating Scams Sikh Gay Dating Single Gay Dating Bhopal Gay Dating Chandigarh Gay Dating Daddyhunt Gay Dating Dating as a Gay Man Dating Someone Twice Your Age Gay Does Eharmony Do Gay Dating Elite Gay Dating Fargo Gay Dating Farmers Only Dating Gay Gay Dating a Bisexual Guy Gay Dating Advice Forum Gay Dating Bradford Gay Dating Ch Gay Dating Detroit Gay Dating Donegal Gay Dating Dundee Gay Dating Eastbourne Gay Dating Elite Singles Gay Dating Geneva Gay Dating Guernsey Gay Dating Halifax Nova Scotia Gay Dating in Coimbatore Gay Dating Line Gay Dating London Ontario Gay Dating Loneliness Gay Dating Long Distance Relationship Gay Dating Memes Gay Dating Michigan Gay Dating Plattform Gay Dating Profile Description Gay Dating Show Australia Gay Dating Show Uk Gay Dating Sim Android Gay Dating Sims for Ios Gay Dating Sits Gay Dating Stevenage Gay Dating Sweden Gay Dating Udaipur Gay Fish Dating Gay Furry Dating Gay Guy Dating Straight Girl Gay Man Celebs Go Dating Gay Nz Dating Hot Gay Dating Irish Gay Dating Manhunt Gay Dating Chat Mister Gay Dating Mobile Gay Dating Next Gay Dating Show Nigerian Gay Dating Oasis Gay Dating Rich Gay Guys Dating Sober Gay Dating Surat Gay Dating West Hollywood Gay Dating 18 Gay Dating Adam4adamn Gay Dating Mobile Am I Dating a Gay Man Dating a Gay Chinese Guy Dating a Gay Russian Man Dating Someone 20 Years Older Gay Fab Gay Dating Furry Gay Dating Sim Gay Aspergers Dating Gay Chat & Dating Gay Dating Abroad Gay Dating Advice Texting Gay Dating Agency Manchester Gay Dating Andhra Pradesh Gay Dating Bahamas Gay Dating Baltimore Gay Dating Bisexual Gay Dating Buffalo Ny Gay Dating Calgary Gay Dating Canberra Gay Dating Charleston Sc Gay Dating Chat Gay Dating Chesterfield Gay Dating Dc Gay Dating in Miami Gay Dating in Nashville Tn Gay Dating Kettering Gay Dating 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2020.08.28 18:09 HaulA28Augl Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New

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2020.08.17 17:07 READMYSHIT The Creep Dive Episode Guide

Date Title Cassie Sophie Jen Sidebars and guest stars Creep of the Week
1 12/12/2018 Canoe Believe It?? Alan Rickman never read Harry Potter John Darwin faked his own death in a canoeing accident Seamus on ket with Mary McAleese (Twitter thread)
2 12/12/2018 GP-OH My God who is SHE Samantha Azzopardi pays a visit to Ireland. One of many as she scammed her way around the world An outtake from This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. Woman eats placenta (or blood clots)
3 12/12/2018 A Tale Too Tragic Tania Head, woman who claimed to be a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 The Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse) Christians in disguise Reddit Guy meets the Devil. Black Mercedes Cassie reveals she used to be Born Again Christian. Jen's personal Angel, Happy Acres
4 11/01/2019 The American Dream or The American Peen What Ever Happened To: Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit. (Wife cuts off husband's dick after he raped her) Swiss cheese Pervert. Man would like a cheesey wank
5 11/01/2019 11 Lies and Counting Warrior Eli. Epic catfish story of a supermom who turned out to be teenager, Emily Dear Sinead O'Connor and Prince had a pillow fight. Prince takes it too far Jen first reveals she was a catfish/troll
6 11/01/2019 A 17 Year Old Mystery Solved by Sleuths Mystery of Lyle Stevik's suicide solved by DNA Doe Testing Ray's Death Documentary (admission of murder). Lady of the Dunes
7 25/01/2019 A Story Blown Wildy Out of Proportion Jimi Heselden segways into the afterlife. Rebba Burger maimed and killed from a whipped cream thing Lambo. Weird radio book review, hosted by Gay Byrne in which Gery Ryan allegedly kills a lamb A man fashions a flying saucer with helium balloons and sends his son flying off for attention
8 01/02/2019 An Unholy Hypocrite, The Dungarvan Angel of Death Travis the Troubled Teen David Matheson, former gay conversion therapist, comes out as gay Fr Michael Kennedy fakes an AIDS epidemic in Waterford. Gets the attention of Princess Diana Travis, the chimp and Creep Dive mascot (a classic!)
9 09/02/2019 The Greatest Writer that Never Was James Frey, A Million Little Pieces (fake memoir) Story of JT LeRoy (racoon penis) Dan Mallory (fake memoir)
10 15/02/2019 The Randy Mr. Hands How Joe Manuella Found Love, Robert De Niro impersonator Mr. Hands! Guy gets killed from bottoming a horse Ellen Coyne and Cassie become friends via Twitter
11 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy(part 1) The Girl Who Predicted Her Own Death Tickling endurance competitions funded my some omnipotent millionaire (who obviously has a fetish)
12 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy (part 2) That time the Washington Post had a Pulitzer briefly. Janet Cooke and the 8 year old heroin addict
13 01/03/2019 The Fine Line Between Exoneration and Execution The story of Cameron Todd Willingham (a innocent man sentenced to death) Pissing and menstrating in the Stuart era (not Victorian, Jen)
14 08/03/2019 The MSN Murder Mystery Momo: Online Suicide Game MSN Murder. Girl kill herself after online bullying, turns out to be a neighbourhood mom Elizabeth and Theranos
15 15/03/2019 Who Let the Cat Out The Noid, the Domino's mascot that led to a murder Mary Bale: Cat in the Wheelie Bin Topsy the Elephant: Tesla vs Edison
16 22/03/2019 Oyster Man, A Salacious Sausage Fest and A Con Confidence (Creep Live #1) Nicholas Barclay AKA Frédéric Bourdin (missing child imposter) Armin Meiwes, German cannibal Oyster Man (Dublin creep!)
17 01/04/2019 A Haunted Hormonal Teen, A Slender Bender, A Mother Love to Death (Creep Live #2) Dee Dee Blanchard murder by her daughter, seemingly incapacitated, Gypsy Rose. Enfield Haunting, poltergeist in a North London council house Slenderman possee
18 05/04/2019 Who is Timmothy Pitzen?? Disappearance and reappearance (???) of Timmoth Pitzen Christine Chubbuck, suicide on live TV Ford has a horn for Edison
19 12/04/2019 The Beautiful Lie Florida Man, pancake guy Belle Gibson, noted scammer Coco the Gorilla: artist, photographer and communicator
20 21/04/2019 There's a Catfish in the Water Lincoln Lewis catfish, Lydia Abdelmalek The most awkward book club of all time Girl with no vainga gets impreganted from a knife
21 27/04/2019 A Sasquatch, A Tinder Date With a Cannibal and The Life and Ruin of Anna Nicole Smith The Anna Nicole Smith Story Sasquatch Origin Story
22 04/05/2019 Friends From The College Cult Larry Ray: Creepy Dad Cult Whatever Happened to Baby Tyler?
23 11/05/2019 A Love As Deep As The Sea, A Shared Twinsanity and Better The Catfish You Know? Sabina & Ursula: Murderous Swedish Twins Suicide of Megan Meier Some people really love dolphins
24 18/05/2019 The Cat’s Out of The Bag for The Internet’s Maddest Man A Catfish Love Triangle (that ends in murder) The Luka Magnotta Story Jeremy Kyle
25 27/05/2019 The Secret Russian ‘Super Army’ and A Fertility Doctor Who Took Things Into His Own Hands Dr. Cline, fertility doctor who takes matters into his own hands Russian science experiment to create super humans (humanzee) Belle Gibson update (ep. 19)
26 01/06/2019 Larry and The Lawnchair of Dreams The eponymous Larry, an instant classic creep (that is not creepy at all) Moby
27 07/06/2019 The World’s Worst Baby Snatcher and The Ill-Prepared Cannibal Another Catfish Love Triangle and Baby Heist Isa Sagawa: A Cannibal in Paris
28 15/06/2019 Why You Should Never Let Granny Do The Ouija Board Story of Anna Delvy, epic swindler Ouija Board Murder Whale dick tentacle and the guy who honours a dead murderer (Twitter Thread)
29 21/06/2019 A Dead Man, A Cipher, a Mystery Somerton Man: Mystery Australian Man and an Undeciphered Code Ariel Castro kidnappings Delivery Man Haunts Cabin Groom kids on brides dress
30 28/06/2019 It’s Never Plain Sailing The Disappearance of Brian Swanson (into another dimension?) #blueball A shark buffet Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her stranded in the Amazon Rainforest Boris Johnson
31 07/07/2019 The Lost Family, The Last Eunuch and the Lust for the High Life Tromp Family Road Trip. Australian family collectively lose their mind A Philanthropic Couple with a Secret in the Attic Sun Yaoting; the last Eunuch of China.
32 11/07/2019 A Trio of Clones, Coercion and Courtship A shitty first-date The McDonald's-Nude Heist The phenomenon of a group of self cloning crayfish
33 19/07/2019 Brain-Eating Zombies, The Boy Who Tried to Blow Up Bjork and a Beary Bad Idea Story of Björk's would-be assassin Timothy Treadwell: Bear Enthusiast Furries and Brain eating zombie fungus Grunting man in a gimp suit
34 27/07/2019 A Priceless Love Affair and Something of a Pickle Debbie Montgomery Johnson get defrauded millions in an online dating scam Peeing and pooping in space. Creepy nudes escalates quick (to murder)
35 04/08/2019 Jen’s Solo Ghost Story the tale of Dear David, a creepy child ghost who has been haunting the hallways of illustrator Adam Ellis Horse Girl
36 11/08/2019 When a Dream Life Turns Into a Weird and Creepy Nightmare Dream House goes sour with letters from an ominous writer called, The Watcher Mystery Stripper Jen has the inside scoop on Area 51 Scout's arrival! Woof Canadian Serial Killers
37 18/08/2019 The Hero Who Didn't Know His Name and a Real Life Dr. WHO?? Story of Jean-Claude Romand: Murderer and Imposter Creep Dine With Me: Megan and Hazel. The story of Steven Stayner
38 01/09/2019 Don't Bookmark Your Murder Tips and a Real Life Mission Impossible How to not get away with murder (Daniel Brophy) Personal creep with creepy neighbour and a never ending gift exchange A missionary who get murdered by the Sentinelese
39 09/09/2019 A Twist in The Tale, The Devil Down Under and A Wild Slide A Catfish With a Happy Ending Mysterious Death of Phoebe Handsjuk Deal the Devil Downunder,Story of Michael Atkins and Matthew Leveson
40 13/09/2019 Move Over Travis, There’s a Bad Badger in Town and The Sad Tale of The Sorry Cannibals Caroline Calloway content! Alive: The reluctant cannibals The antics of Stoffel the honey badger
41 20/09/2019 British Fairies, Irish Con Artists and Asian Angels Cassie's Personal Creep and Misadventure in Berlin (featuring Moe) An Irish Kidnapping The Cottingley Fairy Hoax
42 28/09/2019 When a loving Christian family inadvertently adopt a 22 year old sociopath with violent tendencies The tale of Natalia Grace, a Ukrainian Orphan with dwarfism #childdeception Helen Bailey: Author who penned her own death Jacob Barnett, Child Prodigy
43 06/10/2019 The Girl...Who Laughed...As A Man Got Sewn Into The Body of a Horse Story of Nathan Carman and a Sunken Boat A Runaway Bride Countess Elizabeth Báthory, World worst female serial killer? Carl Beach, Richard Madely
44 15/10/2019 What Happens When You Exorcise a Mild Mannered Michael? (Creep Live #3) Ireland's Own Bermuda Triangle An exorcism gone wrong Goose on the Loose! A goose named Andy
45 21/10/2019 A Guest Ghost Story and The Haunted Spots of Dublin Dutch Family in a Basement (and assorted ghost stories) Creep Dine With Me: Fainche. A Dublin 8 Haunting
46 26/10/2019 The Tragedy of the Triplets A tragic tale of triplets and a social experiment Haunted Nazi Dummy
47 31/10/2019 A Catfish Convict, Dawn of The Ed and a Goat Gets Giddy for Piss - It’s our Halloween Spooktacular! Rape Ads, Fake Sonograms, and a Catfisher’s Web of Lies Ed Gein, his mother and the inspiration for Psycho A goat with a penchant for piss (human piss)
48 12/11/2019 An Amuse Bouche of Creep Catch Ups AND The Human Baby Zoo Update on Belle Gibson (ep. 19) Canadian Quintuplets (Human Baby Zoo) Update on Ukrainian Orphan (ep. 42) T.I. (obsessed with daughter's hymen)
49 17/11/2019 The Greatest No-Show-Man and the Mighty Meaty Murderer Threatin, metal band on world tour (with no audience but great hair) Joe Metheny: a mighty meaty murder #serialkiller Donegal Creeps caught climbing a hospital to ouija
50 25/11/2019 Oh No! Where Did Moe Go? Moe Davis: Another chimp fiasco. Travis 2.0 (ep. 8)
51 03/12/2019 A Haunted Galway Baby, a Mystery Man in Sligo and The Spine Tingling Story of the Sleepless Russians (Creep Live #4) Peter Bergmann, a mystery man in Sligo reminiscent of Somerton Man (ep. 29) #blueball Haunted Galway baby #haunted Russian sleep deprivation experiment (this is pretty harrowing) Harry meets the Creeps for the first time Dick Dicker: Unabomber meets Mr. Hands
52 06/12/2019 A Life Heavy on Lies, Light on Lols Jennifer Pan, a Vietnamese-Canadian teen kills her parents (well one of them) Dave, the randy duck
53 17/12/2019 The Woman Who Accidentally Solved Her Own Mystery Disappearance Netty Nance accidently solves her own kidnapping (spoiler: it was her own "mother") Carlos Mariotti and a novel idea to save his mangled hand (spoiler: it doesn't work) Public Universal Friend. First recorded case of non-binary person? Mommy blogger swindles Shauna Sex Síopa!
54 05/01/2020 The Cannibal Cop and A January Assortment of Creeps Cassie tricks a girl into think she's going to Disney Gilberto Valle, the cannibal cop, caught via chat room #cannibal People used to post their kids around! Jeffrey Epstein. German ladies who set a zoo ablaze and killed 20 primates
55 10/01/2020 Too Many Mothers, Too Much Motherly Love and A Small Town Scandal with Massive Consequences Creep Live #5) Bobby Dunbar went missing but when he reappeared to mothers came forward to claim Barbara Daly Baekeland gets murdered (and fucked?) by her son #murder #incest The mysterious Circleville letters #murder #blueball Jen gets send a video of a man fucking a chicken Tiny Indonesian man convicted of the most amount if rapes
56 17/01/2020 Three Cheers for Murder Dying killing to be popular. Cheer leader murder! Karla Homolka, Canada's only female serial killer (this was just an off the cuff creep) One of our very own creepettes has their dog fucked by some local scoundrel :( Cork Christmas Party Shenanigans!
57 25/01/2020 Your Mother Sucks Creep In Hell True Stories behind the production of The Exorcist Jen creeps her own parasite which she definitely didn't get in Centra Parcs Terry McMahon goes on a tirade by his feminist daughter
58 31/01/2020 You Can't Make A Dick Out Of The American Penal System Steven Jay Russell, amazing story of the man who escaped from prison multiple times Andrea Mara; the man who faked his MIL out the car window, armchair sleuths and just how dire your Google search history gets when you kill fictional people for a living Belle Gibson update! She's Muslim now (ep. 19)
31/01/2020 The Creep Hive #1 Jen helps her housemate pee in New Zealand Tampon Girl!!
59 07/02/2020 Who’s side are you on? Story of Ursula Hermann: the German equivalent of Madeleine McCann. Epic creep Sophie admits she ate a raw rasher thinking it was parma ham Some people have non-verbal thought (mini Twitter thread) Graham Linehan (Glinner)
07/02/2020 The Creep Hive #2: The Casualties of The Swan The Sur-jury, The Swan and other horrific reality shows
60 14/02/2020 A Prince and a Perfect Murder Chris Benoit Canadian wrestler. Double murder suicide Shawna from Sex Siopa to share a big juicy salacious royal affair. A lot of creeps reported their mothers fed them raw sausages
15/02/2020 The Creep Hive #3: Schofe's done a runner Cassie discusses her sexuality and everyone cries "Showgirls came out at a very key point in my life" Phillip Schofield literally does a runner
61 21/02/2020 The world’s most badass backpacker, Ireland’s biggest ever manhunt and hotdog handjobs (Creep Live #6) Brendan O'Donnell: Ireland's Biggest Manhunt #serialkiller Kari Ferrell: Hipster Grifter. Gets employed by Vice and exposed Salt Creek Kidnapping. Backpackers take revenge #violence All dogs and the Dublin guy faked an abduction of an elderly person
22/02/2020 The Creep Hive #4: Never trust a Murphy Bed Dead tired, people who've died in Murphy beds!
62 28/02/2020 And it was all cum and paper mâché (Creep Live #7) Gerard John: some local prisoners pose as a young woman and blackmail and fragile young man. Alex Malarkey goes into a coma after a car accident. When he wakes he claims to have met Jesus in Heaven... Man struggles to keeping his wife suitably embalmed Jen discusses laying eggs Katie Hopkins getting the CUNT award
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2020.07.27 20:02 digestives27 Reasons Why I Still Play FM08 – The First Five Years (Year 1, Part 2)

Reasons Why I Still Play FM08 – The First Five Years (Year 1, Part 2)
NB: This is part TWO of a TWO-part series. If you haven’t yet read part ONE, please click here.
Sunday 1st June 2008
The leagues are complete, the European competitions are decided, it’s time to see the damage done.
Premier League
We’ll start with the Premier League and, as expected, Man Utd held on to their strong advantage to retain the title, the top-scoring Reds finishing 1 goal and 6 points ahead of Arsenal. Liverpool and Man City claim the remaining Champions League places, whilst Portsmouth finished a point ahead of Everton to claim the first available UEFA Cup place.
Fulham would’ve needed a mathematical miracle to have survived relegation, and Middlesbrough were already related going into the final day so a draw with Wigan meant little to them, but Wigan were already safe thanks in part to what was essentially a relegation play-off match between Birmingham and Sunderland. A win for either team would see them survive but a draw would not be enough for Sunderland.
David Connolly stepped up and scored a highly contentious goal for Sunderland in a tightly contested game. Birmingham City couldn’t believe what they believed was an offside goal was allowed to stand and replays have since shown that they may have had every right to feel aggrieved about that goal. They did not, however, do enough to get back into the match and although an equaliser would’ve seen them survive, they could not muster one and now drop down into the Championship.
Kevin Doyle has the last laugh in his ongoing feud with Leroy, pipping him to the Golden Boot for Reading with 25 goals to Lita’s 24. Andy Johnson rounds off the top 3 with 23 goals for Everton. Cani’s 16 assists see him take the non-existent playmaker of the year award, 3 clear of John Carew. I shall forever call this the Playmaker Award now.
The league table is as follows:
Overachievers: Man City, Derby County, West Ham
Underachievers: Tottenham, Chelsea, Bolton, Middlesbrough
West Ham seal European football through the Euro Vase, aka Intertoto Cup, by virtue of the fact that apparently neither Everton or Chelsea, nor Blackburn bothered to apply.
As we know, Portsmouth secured European football through 5th place but wait… Newcastle and Derby are also in Europe?!
This can only mean one thing…
FA Cup
Derby comfortably defeated Blackburn 3-1 at Wembley while Newcastle played out a dramatic 3-3 draw with Portsmouth. The game would be settled by penalties, with Portsmouth scoring their first 2 and Newcastle missing them both. Nerves got the better of the Pompey players as Newcastle scored their next 3 and Portsmouth missed all of them. Incredible scenes in the capital.
Not to be outdone, Derby and Newcastle would contest a fierce final themselves. James Milner wins the header from the goalkeeper’s free kick to nod down to Barton who returns a through ball for Milner to slot home in the 22nd minute. However, Derby would hit back on the brink of half-time, in part thanks for a huge stroke of good fortune: David Jones’ free kick on the edge of the box taking a huge deflection off the wall to wrong-foot Shay Given.
Deadlocked at 90 minutes, the game moved into extra time. More free kick fortune for Derby as Ulrik Yttergård Jenssen’s freekick deflects off the wall as well and into the path of Daniel Fredheim Holm who lashed home high into the net. However with the clock pushing 122 minutes, Derby go on the attack instead of taking it the corner flag. They would be punished with a flowing Newcastle counterattack, Nicky Butt feeding Derek Boateng who flights a ball to the back post for an unmarked Claudio Caçapa to nod home a dramatic late equaliser.
The penalty shootout would be quick and painless. Derby’s players, mentally crushed from conceding such a late goal and dissolved of all confidence, missed all 3 of their penalties to concede the FA Cup to Newcastle United.
Consolation for Derby is that, because Newcastle already secured European football through their League Cup victory, they will also be playing in Europe thanks to being FA Cup runners up. Incredible for a team that was predicted to be relegated this season.
Charlton return to the top division, hanging on to top spot despite losing to West Brom on a final day, as Sheffield United could only muster a draw at home to Southampton. Watford, West Brom, QPR and Southampton make up the playoff hopefuls whilst Hull, Sheffield Wednesday and Colchester all drop down into League One. All three relegated teams’ fates were sealed before the final day, so Hull’s 2-0 win at home to Ipswich was in vain.
Stoke and Crystal Palace played each other in a play-off decider, with Stoke knowing that any win would secure them 6th place. Palace needed a win against Stoke and a favour from title-chasing Sheffield United against Southampton to leapfrog both Stoke and Southampton into 6th. As such, Southampton needed to better Stoke’s result to secure the playoffs. As it transpired, Crystal Palace’s dramatic 90th minute winner away to Stoke was not enough as Southampton played out an entertaining 2-2 draw with Sheffield United.
Massive credit to Scunthorpe who were predicted to finish rock bottom this season and defied all expectations by finishing 9th, just 3 points off the playoffs. Unbelievable effort from QPR too, who flouted their 18th place prediction by finishing 5th in the playoff places.
Marlon King would finish top scorer for Watford with 30 goals, well clear of second place István Ferenczi, Kevin Kyle picking up the Playmaker Award with 14 assists.
Playoff Semi Finals – leg 1
QPR 1 – 1 West Brom
Southampton 2 – 0 Watford
Playoff Semi Finals – leg 2
West Brom 2 – 0 QPR << West Brom win 3-1 on aggregate
Watford 2 – 1 Southampton << Southampton win 3-2 on aggregate
Playoff Final
Southampton 1 – 2 West Brom
A cagey 2-1 win for West Brom as Chris Brunt scores a late winner from a set piece. Sherjill MacDonald may well have offside for the opener as Zoltan Gera played a lovely ball in to the near post and Southampton may well have a right to be upset with referee Lee Probert. If the build-up to the equaliser was scrappy, the finish certainly wasn’t: a ball lifted over the top by Jason Euell is despatched exquisitely on the volley by David McGoldrick. Chris Brunt would have the last laugh in this one, sticking a 20yard free kick into the top corner to send West Bromwich Albion back into the Premier League.
Overachievers: QPR, Scunthorpe, Barnsley
Underachievers: Preston, Sheffield Wednesday, Cardiff City, Colchester United
League One
Business as expected for the top two as Nottingham Forest win the league and Swansea City seal automatic promotion. Yeovil needed favours on the final day to usurp Swansea but did themselves none in the process by drawing in what transpired to be a dead rubber against Bristol Rovers. Doncaster needed to better Carlisle’s result to go up but instead both teams lost, and Carlisle held onto 6th place. Brighton could’ve taken advantage of that slip but lost to champions Nottingham Forest, whilst Oldham could’ve shocked everybody but ultimately lost to Southend instead.
All four relegated teams were already down going into the final day: Northampton, Leeds, Tranmere and Leyton Orient.
Frazier Campbell of Wallsall and Marvin Williams of Yeovil would share the Golden Boot between them with 32 goals, 4 clear of veteran striker Tore André Flo. Brian Howard’s impressive displays for Yeovil meant he claimed the Playmaker Award with 20 assists.
Playoff Semi Finals – leg 1
Luton 2 – 1 Walsall
Carlisle 1 – 3 Yeovil
Playoff Semi Finals – leg 2
Walsall 0 – 0 Luton << Luton win 2-1 on aggregate
Yeovil 3 – 1 << Yeovil win 6-2 on aggregate
Playoff Final
Luton 4 – 1 Yeovil << Luton promoted after extra time
An open-ended affair with chances aplenty for both sides, Luton taking the lead inside the first 5 minutes, full-back Alan Goodall whipping a lovely ball into the near post for Sam Parkin to tuck away. Yeovil would be reduced to ten me early in the second half, Terrell Forbes hospital pass clearance met by the head of Luton’s Chris Hackett who nodded into the path of striker Drew Talbot. Talbot was unable to get his shot away clearly as Matthew Rose stuck out a leg to bring Talbot down and was sent off for a professional foul, drawing large protests from the Yeovil players.
Still, Yeovil pressed and five minutes later they’d find an unlikely equaliser. Brian Howard, standing over a free kick 30 yards out, goes for the audacious and gets a huge slice of luck as the free kick clatters off the wall, sends the keeper the wrong way and flies into the empty net.
Brave Yeovil would hold out the 90 minutes but unfortunately, Luton would make the extra man count in extra time, substitute Sol Davis starting the procession with a delightful free kick on the edge of the box. Tidy finishes from David Edwards and Willie Gibson rounded off a fine performance from Luton as they sealed their place in next season’s Championship.
Overachievers: Walsall, Brighton, Cheltenham, Yeovil
Underachievers: Leeds, Tranmere, Millwall
Maybe slightly harsh to put Leeds in there with a 15-point deduction, but without it they would’ve finished 10th which is still way below expectations.
League Two
Impressive Bury romped to a surprise League Two victory, 5 points clear of Peterborough who in turn were 6 points clear of Chesterfield. On-loan youngster Chedwyn Evans’ 24 league goals complementing striker partner Andy Bishop’s 22 league goals to good effect.
MK Dons’ Jemal Johnson would score 4 goals in a 5-2 away thriller at Brentford to snatch the Golden Boot away from Morecambe’s Michael Twiss, who must’ve hoped his two goals against Barnet would’ve been enough, Johnson finishing the season on 25 goals. Kevin McBride of Darlington wins the Playmaker Award.
Grimsby could’ve been relegated on the last day had they, as they did, lost to Hereford but in the end it mattered not as Barnet and Mansfield, who only needed a win to try and survive, both suffered heavy defeats to drop out of the Football League.
Playoff Semi Final – leg 1
Shrewsbury 1 – 2 Darlington
Macclesfield 0 – 2 Morecambe
Playoff Semi Final – leg 2
Darlington 1 – 1 Shrewsbury << Darlington win 3-1 on aggregate
Morecambe 3 – 2 Macclesfield << Morecambe win 5-2 on aggregate
Playoff final
An incredible event as teams predicted to finish 12th and 21st met in the playoff final. Morecambe’s firepower really should’ve seen them through here, but it was Darlington who took an early lead through Gregg Blundell.
Darlington must’ve feared the worst when top scorer Pawel Abbott was taken off injured after the half-hour mark. It took Morecambe until the 79th minute to get off the mark through, Jamie Forrester providing the breakthrough. Smart thinking from goalkeeper Steven Drench sees Forrester run through a gap the size of Jupiter between the two centre backs to collect the long punt forward and slot home.
Darlington would somehow have the last laugh though, Tommy Wright slotting him neatly 3 minutes later for a famous win, taking Darlington up to League One
Overachievers: Morecambe, Macclesfield, Accrington Stanley, Darlington, Bury
Underachievers: Bradford, Rotherham, Brentford, MK Dons, Rochdale, Grimsby, Barnet, Mansfield
Honestly, take your pick. Crazy season in League Two.
Oxford won the Conference Premier, 9 points ahead of the playoff hopefuls. Rushden & Diamonds steamrollered Stevenage 4-0 in the final, who themselves had reached the final via a 90th minute winner against Crawley, who themselves had an excellent season after being predicted to finish 19th and instead finished 2nd, even with a 6-point deduction. Simeon Jackson wins top goal scorer with 33 league goals for Rushden & Diamonds.
Overachievers: Salisbury, Histon, Crawley, Rushden & Diamonds
Underachievers: Exeter, York, Torquay, Ebbsfleet, Kidderminster, Burton
Southport win the Conference North and Boston United win the playoff final, beating Kettering on penalties. Alfreton, Hyde and Vauxhall are all relegated.
Lewes win the Conference South and Dorchester Town win the playoff final, beating Braintree on penalties. Havant & Waterlooville, Hayes & Yeading and Fisher Athletic are all relegated.
League round-up. We’ve already talked about the overachievers and underachievers, so let’s quickly compare the media predictions to the teams’ actual finishing positions. Should we castigate the media? Or should be laud and slate the teams who, for better or worse, defied expectations?
The final position is denoted to the right of the team, with the change from the prediction one over.

What do the media know, eh?
The game also has its own season summary for each league which pretty much covers everything I’ve already shared but for those interested, see below:
It seems like forever ago since we saw European competition. I will skip ahead, so here are the First and Second Knockout Round results.
First Round
Second Round
Gritty performances throughout. For those of you wondering why FC Bayern are in the UEFA Cup it’s because they finished 4th in the Bundesliga in 06/07 behind champions VfB Stuttgart, 2nd place Schalke and 3rd place Werder Bremen. They entered at the UEFA Cup first round, essentially a final qualifying round. In-game, they defeated FC Twente 5-1 on aggregate to reach the group stage. They finished 3rd in their group, behind Fiorentina and Bolton.

Quarter Finals
All relatively straight forward in the Quarter Finals too, Bayern and Tottenham progress comfortably whilst Porto and Fiorentina had to do a bit of digging in to get the job done.
FC Bayern (6) 3 - 0 (1) Werder Bremen
Dinamo Kiev (2) 2 - 2 (4) Porto
Tottenham (5) 1 - 1 (2) Blackburn
Fiorentina (3) 0 - 0 (2) Girondins Bordeaux

Semi Finals
Bayern and Fiorentina met again in the Semi Finals to relive their group match (which was a 1-1 draw). The Semi Final would prove to be hotly contested again, Bayern stealing the victory in the 90th minute through Bastian Schweinsteiger, although replays show he may well have been offside. Luca Toni and Adrian Mutu were the other goal scorers.
The second leg lived up to the billing as well, Bayern taking the lead mid-way through the first half through Miroslav Klose’s smart run and finish. Mark van Bommel added an unlikely second on the night through a sublime freekick which left Fiorentina needing 4 goals to go through. Adrian Mutu led a one-man crusade with a brace in the 63rd and 69th minute respectively before substitute Massimo Gobbi’s tidy 73rd minute finish set up a nervy finale. However, La Viola couldn’t add to their tally and Bayern reached the final.
A tight contest in the other match was lifted with Steed Malbranque’s goal on the stroke of half-time, simply sumptuous freekick from the corner of the box, lifted over the wall and into the back of the net on the near side. Some fine work from José Bosingwa down the right-hand side allowed him to whip a cross into the far post for Raúl Meireles to head in an equaliser to ensure the spoils were shared going into the second leg.
Robbie Keane scored his 25th goal of the season here with a cool finish, showing that you don’t need to blast the ball to score, Tottenham now sitting pretty knowing that Porto needed to score twice to progress. A moment of madness, however, from Didier Zokora left them in a spot of bother. Zokora was shown a straight red card on the brink of half-time, his second of the season, after catching Malkhaz Asatiani with his elbow, referee Stuart Dougal showing no hesitation in sending the Ivorian off. However, Porto were unable to even pluck out an equaliser, let alone a winner and Tottenham progress.
FC Bayern (4) 2 - 3 (4) Fiorentina << FC Bayern advance on away goals
Porto (1) 0 - 1 (2) Tottenham

Bayern were utterly ruthless in the final, showing no mercy to Tottenham in a 3-0 demolishing, all of the goals coming in the first half courtesy of Luca Toni and a brace from Miroslav Klose. The lack of defensive cover in the midfield really cost them and Kevin-Prince Boateng had his work cut out trying to fill-in in Zokora’s absence, indeed getting himself sent off in the 79th minute for a second bookable offence.
Miroslav Klose’s two goals in the final means he takes home the Golden Boot with 12 goals, edging out RC Lens’ Aruna Dindane and team-mate Luca Toni by one goal. Riccardo Montolivo of Fiorentina picks up the Playmaker Award with 8 assists.
Champions League
Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for – the Champions League!
We left you with the Quarter Final line-ups:

Get ready for mayhem...
None of the teams would disappoint in this round either. Liverpool beating Real Madrid 2-1 away in the first leg only to almost throw it away with a 2-1 loss at home, thanks for Raúl’s 90th minute goal. Liverpool may well have been questioning just why the final whistle hadn’t already blown, but Jamie Carragher would be the extra time hero though, scoring a scrappy goal after a corner was failed to be cleared by Madrid.
Inter Milan’s first leg away goal helped them on their way to beating Man Utd over two legs, Adriano powering home from an indirect free kick opportunity. Paul Scholes would level the tie up when they met again in Italy, but former Arsenal man Patrick Vieira would seal the tie for Inter with a wonderful 30-yard screamer into the top corner.
A contender for match-of-the-competition as Arsenal overcame Barcelona in a 10-goal feast. Thierry Henry’s sub 5-minute brace against his former club, including one after just 18 seconds, was pegged back by Robin van Persie’s own brace and the Gunners would lead 3-2 at half-time thanks to “wonderkid” Nicklas Bendtner. Bendtner would be at it again shortly after half-time, thanks in part to even more craftsmanship from Francesc Fàbregas. A headed goal from William Gallas at a corner put Arsenal 5-2 up and looking comfortable but Barcelona went on the attack the corresponding kick off, Xavi Hernández sliding Ronaldinho in to make it 5-3, Jens Lehmann going walkabouts by all accounts.
Bendtner would complete has hattrick on 70 minutes though, slotting home after a neat turn in the corner of the box, sending Andrea Barzagli to another dimension. Barcelona would secure their 5th away goal though, Thierry Henry completing his own hat-trick after William Gallas failed to deal with a ball over the tip. Final score 6-4. And breathe.
The second leg was less entertaining, but Thierry Henry would put his former club to the sword again with two more goals and, despite Rafael Márquez being sent off for an astonishing elbow to Bakary Sagna’s face, Barcelona held out for the win on away goals. 2-0 on the night, 6-6 on aggregate. The most disgraceful part of the night was the players surrounding referee Thorsten Kinhöfer after the red card. Pundits are still perplexed as to what they were complaining about.
Finally onto Celtic, who produced the most breath-taking First Knockout Round ties against Valencia would continue to produce high entertainment value against PSV. Celtic held the advantage after a 1-1 draw in Eindhoven, but PSV would not go down without a fight. Rodrigo Palacio opened the scoring after Scott Brown needlessly lost the ball and some poor play from goalkeeper Artur Boruc, less than 45seconds into the match. Maciej Zurawski would dig his goalkeeper out of a hole 3 minutes later, beating Heurelho Gomes at his near post before Rodrigo hit back again on 8 minutes, capitalising on another poor error from Artur Boruc.
John de Jong would add to icing to a rich and wholesome cake, flicking the ball into the far corner of the net beyond Boruc’s reach and PSV looked comfortable leading 4-2 on aggregate, knowing Celtic now needed 3 goals to progress. PSV would lose key midfielder Edison Méndez to injury on 27 minutes but it would take until the second half for Celtic to take advantage, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink finishing off an attack before Maciej Zurawski would set up a frantic last 5 minutes after getting on the end of Lee Naylor’s inch-perfect cross. Celtic couldn’t produce one more moment of magic though and the tie would finish 4-4 on aggregate, PSV going through by virtue of away goals.
Real Madrid (3) 2 - 2 (4) Liverpool
Man Utd (1) 1 - 1 (2) Inter
Arsenal (6) 0 - 2 (6) Barcelona << Barcelona advance on away goals
PSV (4) 3 - 3 (4) Celtic << PSV advance on away goals

Semi Finals
Could the Semi Finals produce the same magic? Liverpool were paired up against Inter Milan and Barcelona were drawn against PSV.
Barcelona all but ended PSV hopes of an underdog victory, smashing them 4-0 in the first leg at home, Thierry Henry and Ronaldinho both scoring braces, Ronaldinho’s both coming from penalties (and both when Henry was on a hat-trick so he can probably consider himself unlucky to be allowed to take one of them). With Edison Méndez still missing, Sebastián Battaglia was asked to step in but he was easily over-run by the Barcelona midfield.
PSV showed incredible fight immediately in the return fixture, going 2-0 up inside the first 7 minutes through Palacio’s lob and Ismael Aissati’s smart finish, but Barcelona soon calmed everything down, scoring 4 unanswered goals in return before half-time courtesy of Barzagli, two from Henry and a brilliant Ronaldinho free kick.. Gastón Fernández scored again late in the second half, but with the tie already done and dusted, it was more for pride than anything else. Barcelona win 4-3 on the night and 8-3 on aggregate.
Liverpool hosted Inter Milan at Anfield for the first leg of the other semi final and took a first half-lead through a stunning John Arne Riise free kick. Steven Gerrard forced Júlio César into an own goal after initially saving Ryan Babel’s long-range effort before Fernando Torres turned provider for Ryan Babel to breakaway and make it 3-0. Zlatan Ibrahimović gave Inter Milan some hope with a late away goal, pouncing on a rare error from Jamie Carragher in the 88th minute.
Liverpool were in good form going into the return leg, having battered fierce rivals Man Utd 4-0 at home at the weekend but it was Inter Milan who dominated this game for long periods, really putting the Liverpool team to the sword. Their dominance paid off in the 21st minute when Ibrahimović retrieved Maicon’s pinpoint pass and slotted into the bottom corner. Torres would ease the pressure on Liverpool with an equaliser at the start of the second half, his 20th goal of the season passed into the bottom corner; the keeper probably should’ve done better with it though. Inter claimed offside, but I’m not convinced.
Incensed, Inter went on the attack immediately, both literally and figuratively, injuring Torres before Ibrahimović fed Adriano who had the vision to pick out Esteban Cambiasso to restore Inter’s lead on the night. A great counterattack. Inter would make Liverpool pay once more for sloppy defending when Steve Finnan was beaten to the ball too easily by Adriano who cut it back for Maxwell to fire home. Pepe Reina will be disappointed when he looks back on that, as he really should be saving those kinds of shots. 3-1 on the night and unbelievably 4-4 on aggregate.
Extra time beckoned but Adriano was not interested in penalties, whipping a delightful ball around the corner for his strike partner David Suazo, clean through on goal to slot past a helpless Reina. Liverpool would go all out offensive from then until the final whistle but couldn’t muster one last goal to salvage the result and Inter go through to final, 4-1 on the night, 5-4 on aggregate.
Liverpool (4) 1 - 4 (5) Inter
Barcelona (8) 4 - 3 (3) PSV

And so for the final. Inter Milan vs Barcelona. The world held high hopes after the last few rounds: they wanted goals.
They were not disappointed.

Barcelona opened the scoring on 23 minutes, emerging “wonderkid” Lionel Messi slotting Samuel Eto’o through to score his 20th goal of the season. The lead wouldn’t last too long though, as Ibrahimović fed Suazo to equaliser on 31 minutes. Eto’o would restore the lead again soon after, Deco sliding a lovely pass through the defence for Eto’o to bury.
Controversy followed in the second half. Xavi loses the ball to Maxwell inside the Inter half who in turn goes on a mazy run towards goal exchanging passes with Cambiasso along the way. He is allegedly obstructed by Zambrotta outside the penalty arc, but replays show that it’s a blatant dive. To make matters worse, the referee inexplicably gives a penalty! Ibrahimović slots it without question. 2-2.
63 minutes and Puyol is needlessly dragged out of position to close down Stankovic who instead slips in Ibrahimović for his second of the game. Minutes later, a poor throw-in from Zambrotta gifts the ball to Ibrahimović to seal his hat-trick and put the game to bed, Inter holding out for a 4-2 win in the final against Barcelona!
Despite the result, Ibrahimović would finish runner up to on 14 goals to Thierry Henry and Rodrigo Palacio in the Golden Boot race, the latter pair netting 15 goals a-piece. Andrés Iniesta would take home the Playmaker Award with 8 assists ahead of team-mate Ronaldinho’s 7. Despite an average rating of 7.83, Ronaldinho would also finish runner-up to Ibrahimović in the Champions League best player, with Henry rounding off the top 3.
Now, because does not save an accessible history of stats and results, they are essentially wiped as the season ends, so I decided to end each 4th game file on June 1st. The game resets around about the 24th or 25th but I wanted to stop the game after the season had finished and before any international competitions began.
But the year is 2008 so we all know what’s coming…
This does mean I’m going to have to go into the game file for Year 2, but I’ll keep everything else a secret. Euro 2008 deserves to be inside the 07/08 season.
I do have all the results for the other international tournaments akin to this which make up the Confederations Cup competitors, so I will give a very brief oversight into those as well as they happen.
I’m not going to go into how each team qualified for the tournament unless you specifically ask about it in the comments. Let’s look at the groups, with the help of some expert MS Paint skills to display their current world rankings too.
The most notable changes are that Denmark, England, Scotland and Finland all qualified for this edition and Spain, French, Russia and Poland, who all qualified in the real Euro 2008, miss out. Hosts Switzerland and Austria naturally have terrible ratings due to not playing many competitive internationals as they didn’t need to qualify for their own tournament. Group B looks tough, and the Scots may well fancy an upset in Group D.
Editors predictions: England. Not just because I’m biased, but because on paper they have the squad to do it. The Golden Generation may not have succeeded in real life, but this is stats-based fantasy. Football’s coming home! Failing that, and with France and Spain both missing, it’s anyone’s to take. I’m putting money on a Ronaldo-backed Portugal.
I will run through them Group by Group, even though it won’t strictly be in the order. All will be well again come the Knockout Rounds.
(editor note: a picture of all the groups is at the bottom. I had to cut back to 20 images)
Group A
Croatia and Sweden played out an entertaining 2-2 draw that didn’t get going until the last 30 minutes. Jurica Vranjes thought he’d snatched a late 87th minute for Croatia until Marcus Allbäck equalised 2 minutes later. Two early goals for Denmark were enough to see off Switzerland despite themselves pulling a goal back before half-time, a 2-1 finish.
The second round of fixtures produced even more drama, a Tranquillo Barnetta hat-trick for Switzerland helping to sink Sweden 4-3 in a back-and-forth game, Gelson Fernandes eventually settling the contest for the Swiss. An Eduardo-inspired Croatia took the game to Denmark and a late Nicklas Bendtner goal wasn’t enough to stop Croatia winning 3-1.
Any win for Croatia against Switzerland sends them through. A draw would also suffice. Switzerland need to win, although a draw would do if Sweden could beat Denmark. Any positive Denmark result paired with a Croatia win sees them progress, or even a win and a Croatia/Swiss draw. Sweden must beat Denmark and hope Croatia win. If the Swiss beat Croatia, they need to win and hope for a goal difference swing.
Drama all round as Sweden’s tournament hopes end with a 2-1 defeat to Denmark. Switzerland know they realistically need to win but can only muster a 2-2 draw with Croatia.
Denmark top the group, Croatia are runners up.

Group B
Czech Republic and Austria open the tournament with an entertaining 2-2 draw, Austria snatching a 90th minute equaliser through Steffen Hofmann after a mistake from Zdenek Grygera. Turkey and Portugal would step it up a notch by playing out a 3-2 game which, in truth, Portugal were always in control of. 3-0 up inside 21minutes, Turkey made a second half comeback but the 2nd goal in the 89th minute was too little, too late.
Goals from Deco and Tomas Rosicky in the first half ensured the spoils were shared in a game where the Czech Republic dominated Portugal for large portions of the game and will be disappointed to only draw 1-1. (editor note: the game seems to think Portugal completed 200% of their crosses in this match…) Turkey, on the other hand, turned their dominance into a 2-0 win over Austria.
Portugal need to beat Austria to secure top spot whereas Austria know they need a big win and some good fortune for a draw in the other game. Any winner of Turkey/Czech Republic will qualify, but a draw for Turkey should be enough, barring a miracle from Austria. It’s feasible that Portugal could still be knocked out, though very unlikely.
And as it happens, Portugal make light work of Austria, Maniche and Cristiano Ronaldo scoring first half goals to seal the tie 2-0 in an otherwise boring match. Czech Republic would be made to pay for not getting the winner against Portugal, being torn apart comprehensively by a relentless Turkey side with braces for both Nihat and Halil Altintop, 4-0 the final score line.
Portugal top the group, Turkey are runners up.

Group C
The last group to get going, but no lack of entertainment here, with Romania cruising to a 2-0 win against Greece. All of the drama came in the much-anticipated England/Germany match though and it met all expectations. Darren Bent’s headed opener was cancelled out by Miroslav Klose pouncing on Paul Robinson’s fumble, but Wayne Rooney would restore England’s lead halfway through the first half. Bayern’s Lukas Podolski pulled it level again before half-time before the teams seemed set to see out a 2-2 draw. However, deep into stoppage time at the end of 90 minutes, up steps David Beckham to do what David Beckham does best – dispatch freekicks into the top corner. 3-2. There was still time after the restart for Steven Gerrard to be shown a straight-red for hacking down Klose with two-feet.
Germany would take their revenge out on Greece in the next game, securing a 4-2 victory, whilst England would maintain their good form by persevering for a late 2-0 win against Romania.
England are already through and Greece cannot qualify so their final game is a dead rubber, other than Greece trying not to finish bottom and England trying to assure top spot. The winner of Germany/Romania will go through, but a draw will be enough for Germany by virtue of Goal Difference.
England consign Greece to 4th place in the group with a routine 2-0 win, goals from Wayne Rooney and Shaun Wright-Phillips enough to see them off. A cagey first-half in the Germany/Romania match became a much more open-ended affair after Daniel Niculae’s brilliant 47th minute opener, a sublime solo run culminating in a lobbed finish. Miroslav Klose fired back 10 minutes later with 2 goals in quick succession to swing the tie but Romania, not prepared to lie down, equalised again through Eric Bicfalvi. Romania would do the unthinkable though, Adrian Mutu bending a delightful goal into the corner to secure a 3-2 victory for Romania.
England top the group, Romania are runners up.

Group D
Italy kicked off the group against Finland with a nervy win, having gone 1-0 down to a 60th minute penalty from Ari Nyman. Filippo Inzaghi pulled it level in the 82nd minute before Antonin Cassano’s stoppage time winner stole all the points from Finland. Scotland were less keen to roll over though and will be disappointed to have thrown away a 3-1 lead at the 85th minute, Wesley Sneijder and Roy Makaay with late goals to snatch a 3-3 draw.
Holland vs Italy was billed as the one to watch in this group, and rightly so, both teams amassing almost 30 shots between them, but with both keepers in good form, the match would be tied 1-1, Riccardo Montolivo cancelled out Robin van Persie’s first half strike. Scotland have certainly found their shooting boots at this tournament after putting 4 past Finland, but they were made to work for the victory with the Finns taking the lead and later equalising through Mika Ääritalo’s brace. James McFadden’s strike would retake the lead before Barry Ferguson put the icing on the cake of a 4-2 win.
Scotland need any result against Italy to go through. A loss through, coupled with a likely Holland win overly Finland, would send them crashing out. Finland cannot progress. Holland must win to go through, as must Italy.
Holland do indeed get their win against Finland, dominating from start to finish, although the score line should really have been bigger than 2-1. Scotland’s hopes of sneaking out of the group were dealt an immediate blow as they went 1-0 down to Alessandro Del Piero’s header inside 45 seconds. Alberto Gilardino would double the lead in the 20th minute and although Kenny Miller pulled one back in the second half, they couldn’t find a second goal to escape the group. Final score 2-1 to Italy.
Italy top the group, Holland are runners up.
Quarter Finals
Turkey – Denmark
Croatia – Portugal
England – Holland
Italy – Romania
No real humdingers here as all of the teams tightened up a lot.
Turkey did away with Denmark 2-0 in a game that the Danes will be disappointed to have not scored in. Nihat and an own goal from Per Krøldrup sealed the game.
Portugal were perhaps the better team in their tie against Croatia but still had to work hard to secure a 2-1 victory, Eduardo’s first half strike cancelled out by Maniche and Ronaldo in the second.
More late, late drama in this one as Frank Lampard scored a trademark goal, arriving from deep to sweep home a Wright-Phillips cross. England must’ve thought that’d be enough but Robin van Persie struck early into stoppage time to level the tie up 1-1. But cometh the 94th minute, cometh the man: Holland do not deal with a long clearance properly and Wright-Phillips skips past his man on the wing to lay the ball into the path of the onrushing Lampard who buries it high into the far corner. Holland complain to the linesman but really, they should be looking at themselves for some shoddy defending.
Romania will be disappointed they had to take Italy all the way to penalties to beat them, having been arguably the better team throughout. 1-1 at full time but a comfortable 4-2 shootout victory as their excellent tournament marches on, the only sour point being Stefan Radu’s 121st minute red card for a horrific tackle on Antonio Cassano.
Turkey 2-0 Denmark
Croatia 1-2 Portugal
England 2-1 Holland
Italy 1-1 Romania << Romania advance on penalties
Semi Finals
Turkey – Romania
Portugal – England
One thing guaranteed in this tournament now is that there will be an outsider in the final. Turkey left it late, but a brace from Nihat would prove enough to put Romania to the sword and end their dream run. Romania might look back and feel like they could’ve done better with both goals though.
Manchester United teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney did battle in this one, both getting their names on the scoresheet with clinical finishes. There would be nothing to settle the two sides until the very end: penalties. Hugo Viana, Nuno Valente, Jorge Andrade all scored whilst Gareth Barry, John Terry and Steven Gerrard did likewise. After Miguel fired home, Michael Carrick would see his penalty saved by goalkeeper Ricardo. However, some Paul Robinson heroics against Ricardo Carvalho gave Rio Ferdinand a chance to get back into the shootout. The pressure was too much though, and he slammed his penalty against the inside of the post to see Portugal through to the final, a final which Deco will miss with suspension after hacking Wright-Phillips down with two feet in 120th minute for an early bath.
Turkey 2-0 Romania
Portugal 1-1 England << Portugal advance on penalties
No Third Place Playoff in the Euros, straight into the final where Turkey meet Portugal, looking for an upset. Nihat and Mehmet Aurélio’s persistence forced the breakthrough on 20 minutes but a smart short freekick routine 2 minutes later from Portugal saw Maniche hit a bending daisy cutter into the bottom corner to equalise. Into the second half and Mehmet Topuz played one of the balls of the tournament from deep, around the defence and into the path of Nihat who didn’t need to break stride to hit an unbelievable shot on the half-volley. Rumour has it that Nihat lost Ricardo Carvalho so well, he is still searching for Nihat to this day. Turkey would hold on to their 2-1 advantage until the final whistle to become unlikely European Champions 2008.
And so that concludes the first season back of Reasons Why I Still Play FM08, also unofficially called What Could Have Been.
This grew to be significantly longer than I expected, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, even if it did take me well over 15 hours to do so.
If anybody has any specific questions about any aspects of this particular game, please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them, whether it’s information about non-league clubs, club finances, world rankings, wonderkid regens etc.
I will also happily run through competitions like the African Cup of Nations and the Olympics, although competitions like the Asian Cup, Gold Cup, Copa América have yet to happen on this file.
I have at least 5 seasons worth of game files now, and seasons 2-5 are all structured the same in terms of save dates: September 1st, December 1st, March 1st and June 1st.
Congratulations if you got this far, I applaud your perseverance. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon for Year 2.
~ dige
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2020.07.27 13:13 blind27JJul What is the Number One Da-ting A-pp ?

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2020.05.28 22:24 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update May 28, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update May 28, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.05.04 18:05 Mel0n_Collie [OC] What if every world cup team had the same population? - Group F

Mayday! Mayday! A new group is upon us! Welcome back to this alternative world cup as we uncover the sixth group of eight in this fascinating made-up tournament, well, fascinating to me atleast.
My writing was briefly interrupted this morning as amidst all this major historical event malarkey, the UK sneakily changed the May bank holiday to friday leading me to run down the road in my dressing gown for a bin man I didn’t expect. Artists interpretation
I’ve since wiped the stale beer and bin juice off of myself to bring you what was collectively the most laborious group to research, but before I excite you too much, here are the groups so far
Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E
With this installment falling on May the fourth, you may want to read them in the correct order of D, E, F, A, B, C. Today’s edition begins however, with the revenge of the Sikh’s.
3 Indian States (Punjab, Haryana, Rajastan), 1 Pakistani Province (Punjab)
Population (millions): 231.65
From the region that brought you Mundian To Bach Ke via Coventry, we bring you one of the better teams of a very bad Indian bunch.
Punjab is a Persian word meaning land of five rivers, unfortunately as far as the Football is concerned, the region tends to meander more than it flows.
The Pakistani half of the region hogs nine of 16 Pakistan Premier League clubs, denoting sporting superiority to the province's peers, of whom produced zero players for Greater Khorosan’s shortlist.
The ‘Pak Shaheen’ send an octet of failed cricketers to a side where the non-punjabi states of Haryana and Rajastan are never-presents
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu IND Bengaluru GK Punjab 46 0.04 28
Amrinder Singh IND Mumbai City GK Punjab 30 0.02 26
Sandesh Jhingan IND Kerala Blasters CB Punjab 43 0.05 26
Harmanjot Singh Khabra IND Bengaluru RB Punjab 26 0.02 31
Answar Ali IND Punjab CB Punjab 24 0.02 35
Gurwinder Singh IND East Bengal CB Punjab 21 0.01 34
Shahbaz Younas PAK Pakistan Army CB Punjab (P) 17 0.01 24
Naveed Ahmed PAK Pakistan Navy CB Punjab (P) 17 0.01 27
Ali Uzair PAK WAPDA RB Punjab (P) 21 0.01 23
Faisal Iqbal PAK National Bank LB Punjab (P) 17 0.01 27
Gurjinder Singh IND SYNKA CM Punjab 33 0.01 33
Germanpreet Singh IND Chennaiyin CDM Punjab 24 0.02 23
Hitesh Sharma IND Hyderabad CM Punjab 24 0.02 22
Bikramjit Singh IND Odisha CDM Punjab 22 0.02 27
Akashdeep Singh IND Minerva Punjab LM Punjab 21 0.01 26
Ahmed Faheem PAK WAPDA RW Punjab (P) 18 0.01 25
Muhammad Adil PAK Khan Research CAM Punjab (P) 21 0.01 27
Rizwan Asif PAK Khan Research RW Punjab (P) 18 0.01 30
Balwant Singh IND ATK ST Punjab 30 0.02 33
Manvir Singh IND Goa ST Punjab 30 0.02 24
Ansar Abbas PAK Pakistan Army CF Punjab (P) 19 €0.01 31
Ajay Singh IND Gokula Kerala ST Punjab 17 €0.01 31
Averages/Totals 25 0.37 27.86363636
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is India’s number one between the sticks, and statistically exceeds the credentials of his teammates here. In September of last year Singh made an incredible 20 saves against Qatar in a completely unexpected 0-0 draw, this high-profile MOTM performance combined with Winning the ISL in 2019 earned him the Golden Glove award and the Arjuna Award for special achievement in Indian sport.
The best offering from west of the border is young fullback Ali Uzair, unfortunately that’s more of an emphasis on the lack of quality from Pakistan.
This uninspiring side has more ammature level ‘Singh’ing than a Saturday night reality show, this side has little to no X factor, it transpires that Punjab does NOT have talent.
West Indonisia & Singapore
25 most westernly Indonesian states, Singapore
Population (millions): 247.71
Aside from the aforementioned Pakistan, Indonesia is the closest sovereign nation to the target population, slightly over hitting the mark, Australia and co. nicked the West of this astronomical archipelago.
Much like many of the south-eastern countries, football is arguably Indonesia’s most popular sport along with Badminton. Playing under the historical pseudonym of the Dutch East-Indies, the Garuda were the first Asian team to participate in the World Cup in 1938, with a 6-0 defeat to Hungary their only appearance to date in the tournament.
With a substantial talent pool and a love for the game, it is frustrating that they have yet to produce a player that has made any sort of impact on the game. The man attempting to remedy that is obviously… Dennis Wise? Yes, bizarrely in what in one of the best Footballing series to come out of Youtube ‘The Search for Indonesia’s first wonderkid’ follows ‘Garuda Select’, a squad of 16/17 year old Indonesians scouted and managed by former England teammates Dennis Wise and Des Walker who give them the opportunity of spending a year in the English development system. Devised by the Indonesian FA, It’s a fascinating and unique look at the measures taken to develop the game.
A game between Garuda Select and Walsall under-17 was viewed live in Indonesia by 4.5 million people, personifying an incomparable desperation for a football team to be proud of. The now 18 year old striker Bagus Kahfi looks to be the valedictorian of the class of 2020, commanding rumours of a groundbreaking English club contract.
For now the only thing the current Indonesia squad has in common with England is that they seem adverse to being in Europe. The metropolitan super-city of Singapore joins on to the side, providing a spine of players to the squad.
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Andritany Ardhiyasa IDN Persija Jakarta GK Jakarta 39 €0.02 28
Hassan Sunny SNG Army United GK Singapore 41 €0.03 36
Fachrudin Aryanto IDN Madura United CB Klaten 41 €0.02 31
Hansamu Yama IDN Persebaya Surabaya CB Mojokerto 41 €0.02 25
Ricky Fajrin IDN Bali United LB Semarang 34 €0.01 24
Firza Andika IDN Tubize LB Medan 40 €0.04 20
Juni Gede Antara IDN Bhayangkara RB Gianyar 36 €0.04 24
Gabin Kwan IDN Bali United RWB Denpasar 38 €0.04 24
Safuwan Bahadrudin SNG Selangor CB Singapore 42 €0.05 28
Andy Setyo IDN Persikabo CB Pati 33 €0.02 22
Midfielders 0
Stefano Lilipaly IDN Bali United CAM Amsterdam, NED 49 €0.08 30
Asep Berlian IDN Madura United CDM Bogor 37 €0.02 29
Bayu Pradana IDN Barito Putera CDM Salatiga 40 €0.02 29
Febri Hariyadi IDN Persib Bandung RW Bandung 48 €0.07 24
Septian David IDN PSIS Semarang LW Semarang 38 €0.02 23
Sani Rizki IDN Bhayangkara CM Bhayangkara 36 €0.02 22
Hendro Siswanto IDN Arema CM Tuban 41 €0.02 30
Ikhsan Fandi SNG Raufoss CM Singapore 42 €0.01 21
Forwards 0
Irfan Bachdim IDN PSS Sleman ST Amsterdam, NED 44 €0.06 31
Lerby Eliandry IDN Bali United ST Samarinda 38 €0.05 28
Ilija Spasojević IDN Bali United ST Bar, Montenegro 49 €0.02 32
Egy Maulana IDN Lechia Gdansk ST Medan 49 €0.12 19
Averages/Totals 41 €0.80 26.36363636
While Bagus doesn’t quite have the mileage to make the squad yet, sophomore Egy Maulana could be just as prosperous. The teenager has begun making appearances in the Polish Ekstraklasa scoring 13 goals in 16 games for the reserve side.
Native league champions Bali United are responsible for almost a quarter of the squad; formed in 2015, this favourable away day is already banging on the door of Champions league qualification.
Belgian bad boy Radja Nainggolan is half-Indonesian and idolised for being so. Despite already commanding 30 caps for ‘Les Diables Rouges’ before being outcast by Roberto Martinez, if there was some way for the midfielder to change allegiances, the manager would probably let him light up a cigarette in the centre-circle if he wanted to.
Far East and WCUS
Japan, South Korea,10 US States (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Hawaii, Alaska)
Population (millions): 241.08
By far the most strained geographical combination, this franken-side is of intermediate quality but got an absolute touch in the draw, putting them as favourites.
From K-pop to California, this region could have simply been named ‘pop-culture land’, although the star quality is monopolised by a smiley Spurs striker who is projecting a career that may well already crown him Asia’s greatest ever export.
Japan and South Korea are Asia’s most tenacious territories when it comes to World Cup qualification. A debut appearance in 1998 for the Samurai Blue sparked a sensational start to the 21st century, qualifying for the last six iterations of the tournament reaching the knockout stages on three occasions, winning the Asian Cup thrice during this spell. The talismanic talents of Cha Bum and Park Ji Sung dominate the saga of South Korea’s qualification streak that spans back to 1986, although bizarrely continental bragging rights have evaded them for 60 years.
The west coast of the United States buffers the region's populous power, hoping tactics won’t get lost in translation, four yanks make their way East.
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Cho Hyun Woo KOR Ulsan Hyundai GK Seoul 61 €0.84 27
Stefan Frei USA Seattle Sounders GK Alstatten 61 €1.80 33
Aaron Long USA NY Red Bulls CB Oak Hills, CA 62 €4.00 26
Gen Shoji JAP Toulouse CB Kobe 64 €4.50 26
Yuto Nagatomo JAP Galatasaray LB Saijo, Ehime 63 €2.70 32
Kim Min Jae KOR Beijing Guoan CB Tongyeong, Gye 62 €10.20 22
Maya Yoshida JAP Southampton CB Nagasaki 64 €9.10 31
Makoto Hasebe JAP Frantfurt CB Fujieda, Shizuoka 68 €0.66 35
Hiroki Sakai JAP Marsielle RB Kashiwa 69 €7.50 29
Deandre Yedlin USA Newcastle RWB Seattle, WA 64 €14.90 26
Weston McKennie USA Schalke CM Fort Lewis, WA 67 €7.50 21
Daichi Kamada JAP Frankfurt CM Ehime 63 €4.00 23
Shinji Kagawa JAP Real Zaragoza CAM Kobe 70 €11.90 30
Shoya Nakajima JAP Porto LM Tokyo 69 €15.40 25
Takashi Inui JAP SD Eibar LM Omihachiman 69 €12.30 31
Takumi Minamino JAP Liverpool RM Osaka 72 €33.40 26
Kangin Lee KOR Valencia CAM Incheon 63 €12.15 19
Ki Sueng Yueng KOR Newcastle CM Gwangju 63 €2.40 30
Heung Min Son KOR Tottenham LF Gangwon 80 €62.00 27
Hwang Hee Chan KOR RB Salzburg ST Gangwon 68 €2.90 23
Yoshinori Muto JAP Newcastle ST Tokyo 62 €11.00 27
Yuya Osako JAP Werder Bremen CF Kagoshima 66 €5.70 29
Averages/Totals 66 €237.78 27.04
The affiliate clubs of this team read like an interrailing checklist; the side sprinkles across a predominantly European list of heavy-to-welter-weight clubs.
Stefan Frei likely tends the goal despite hailing from Germany, while in front of him are the familiar faces of Yoshida and Sakai who both have an eye for goal.
Takashi Inui was the star of a recent World Cup campaign that cruelly resulted in Japan almost reaching the quarter finals, losing to Belgium after being 2-0 up in one of the year's most enthralling matches. The forward thinking midfielder may play parallel to Liverpool’s newest acquisition Minamino who is finding his feet at the European champions.
The region has some explosive young talent in the way of Valencia’s Kangin Lee, the 19 year old just made the cut as Barcelona’s Takeufa Kubo is one year his junior but has a higher ceiling for future stardom, but for now his talent’s are still as raw as a California sushi roll.
I can’t finish this section without nodding to the almost boringly impressive ability of Heung-Min Song. A Champions League finalist and the first Asian player to score 50 Premier League goals, ‘Sonaldo’ is the Salah of South Korea and the unofficial eighth member of BTS, his world-class abilities will undoubtedly see him have a lot of fun in this group.
East Africa
Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, CAR, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Niger
Population (millions): 254.59
The poorest African region in more ways than one, it is completely forgivable that this squad doesn’t compete with their continental counterparts.
The inclusion of Tunisia is greatly beneficial as the Magreb moguls have five qualifications to their name, combine that with the rest of the region and East Africa has… five qualifications to their name.
Ethiopia features less in this squad than it’s 109 million population demands. The national team won a home Cup of Nations in 1962 but have qualified just once in the last 37 years.
Troubled nation Somalia does not feature in this squad, probably because the players keep insisting they are the captain.
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Kassaly Daouda NIG Katsina United GK Dosso 52 €0.04 36
Jemal Tassew ETH Fasil Kenema GK Awassa 55 €0.13 30
Herve Lybohy NIG Nancy CB Bouake, Ivory Coast 57 €0.72 36
Mohamed Drager TUN Paderborn RB Frieberg 57 €1.10 23
Dylar Bronn TUN FC Metz CB Cannes 61 €1.80 24
Yohan Benalouane TUN Notts Forest CB Bagnols-sur-ceze 62 €1.60 33
Oussama Haddadi TUN Ettifaq CB Tunis 60 €3.80 28
Aymen Abdennour TUN Kayserispor CB Sousse 60 €3.30 30
Eyob Zambataro ETH Atalanta LWB Addis Ababa 52 €0.30 20
Mohamed Ali Khider SDN Al Merrikh SC RWB Khartoum 56 €0.02 35
Ahmad Benali LBY Crotone CM Manchester 61 €1.80 28
Wahbi Khazri TUN St Ettiene CAM Ajaccio 70 €11.30 29
Geoffrey Kondogbia CAR Valencia CDM Nemours, France 73 €25.00 27
Naim Sliti TUN Ettifaq LM Marsielle 65 €5.70 27
Casimir Ninga CHA Angers LW Mandoul 61 €2.40 26
Ismael Tajouri LBY New York City LW Bern, Switzerland 60 €2.60 26
Ali Mohamed NIG Beitar Jerusalem CM Niamey 61 €1.30 25
Ellyes Skhiri TUN Koln CDM Lunel 68 €8.10 24
Henok Goitom ERI AIK Stockholm ST Solna, Sweden 63 €0.15 35
Yoann Touzghar TUN Troyes ST Avignon 56 €0.47 33
Hamdi Harbaoui TUN Al Arabi ST Bizerte 61 €0.72 35
Issam Jebali TUN Odense B ST Majaz al Bab 62 €0.40 28
Averages/Totals 61 €72.75 29
The squads greatest chance of a high finish rests in the hands of Midfield pair Wahbi Khazri and Geoffrey Kondogbia; The Tunisian showed flashes of brilliance for an infamously poor Sunderland side, while the holding midfielder from CAR always has plenty in the tank.
Chad’s only representative Casimir Ninga can sneak through defenses unnoticed on his day but is an archetypal pacey dribbler with end product to be desired.
Henok Goitom should lead the line, the 35 year old striker was born in Sweden but is the offspring of two Eritrean asylum seekers. In 2008-09 Goitom reached double figures in La Liga but wasn’t to make his international debut until six years later, he now captains the red sea boys but the multigenerational talent’s best years are behind him, and having never qualified for AFCON, it might be an opportunity spurned.
The back line has the potential to be all Tunisian, a side that conceded eight goals in three games in russia, albeit presumably less than Djibouti would have.
Thanks again for reading, tomorrow we’ll have a region that would make Trump spit out his disinfectant , and the land of 9 million bicycles.
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2020.03.01 23:27 Justcallmebigdi How do I navigate through the judgements of around interracial dating?

I am 26 years old, and very confused by who I am. I dare to say I don’t know who/what I am or who/what I should be.
I grew up in Africa up until I turned 10 yo where I moved to the UK. Today, I am soon to be 27yo, My life is on track, I have a good job in the fashion industry in Manchester. My social life isn’t the best as it used to be when I was living in London around all my friends, but it is not the worst either, and so far I am one of the most successful in my family thus far as the first born child. My biggest issue as far as today is, since the past year I have been questioning myself a lot about how am being seen as a black man in society, but also my choice in my dating tendencies or choices.
I first fell in love at 14yo with a black girl, we lasted 7 years together and that love experience has been amazing. After her, I dated other black girls but not for as long (1 year or 2 at best). But since 2014-15 (22-23yo), I started dating other women outside of my race. It started as a joke first, you know, Uni parties, drugs, girls, who cares? It was just fun. Nothing to deeply think about, for me. But then, after uni whenever I found myself dating, it was only girls of other races but my own. Ive dated Chinese girls, White girls, brown girls and even Indians surprisingly. a year ago I started to notice a pattern in my dating taste. Although I’ve dated all races and got to experience different cultures, I noticed that I’ve ended up with more white girls than any other races. That realisation didn’t bother me at first. It started to dawned on me that something was off, 2 years ago when I was dating a white girl from work. She had slept at my place the previous night and we were going to work together the next morning. Her demeanour on the train wasn’t as warm towards me as when are usually together. When I was making conversations with her, It seemed as if she would rather us not talking. I saw it as mood swings at first, but when we called things off, I started remembering that, our dates were never in public, always in private. Whenever I invited her to a restaurant she would often say no, but whenever it was about meeting her at her place she was always up for it. It gave me a weird taste to the mouth. And Ive had a hard time moving on from it although I ended up dating other girls after her (a Chinese, an India-mexican, and a Scottish girl). Fast forward, as of the day I’m writing this, 2 weeks ago I decided to join dating social platforms for the first time. Tinder and Hinge. I did match with couple of girls and this is when when things started to be look erm weird. 1- All the black girls I found attractive and tried to match with never matched back. 2- 6 out of 10 of the other race girls I wanted to match with all matched back and most of them where white women. 3- The girls who wanted to match with me where a mix of white and black girls, but only one of them I found attractive was a black Ethiopian girl.
And it ached me. This is why.
All my life I’ve lived with a state of mind of my parents are black, I am black, my first love was black, my longest relationship was with a black woman, therefore I am mostly likely to end up with a black woman, as thats what I want. But I was never entertained by the idea of letting my ideal preference in women, completely blind me from looking at other races attractiveness and possibly dating them. And I’ve lived most of my youth years that way without remorse, Until recently, when I started to notice the eyes of other people when I was out with a girl from another race. It felt like I was being judged, and/or mocked at?
And here is where my mind completely flipped. I met one of the tinder matches yesterday, we went out, and it was great. I was a gentleman like I always am with all women, she was relaxed, it was a joy from the minute we saw each other, like we were both meant to meet up. We talked about how serious we both were, and how we see each other together. Literally a conversation that I would also have with a girl from my any other races aswell as my own race. At the restaurant in front of us there was a couple, and Italian and a Latino girl. The Latino girl kept looking at me in a strange way that I can’t really describe. As if she was either undressing me in her head or insulting me, it was very strange, and I pointed that out to my date, who also noticed it but told me to ignore it. After the restaurant, we went for drinks in a banightclub and thats when, I started seeing that same look the lady from the restaurant gave me on other people. The way people were looking at the both of us was disgusting. A look that I never really noticed before. My spinal cord got cold, and I got so uncomfortable, and felt so small. I told her we should leave and she agreed. As we were walking two black girls saw us, and started laughing, And other eyes in the street were looking at us during our entire walk. Strangely my date didn’t seem to see or notice them. We went back to her place. I was chilling on her bed, just replaying the whole night in my head, and I felt disgusted, with myself and with the world, but even worse, I was disgusted with the girl that I genuinely like. I started questioning myself.
And unfortunately all my thoughts resulted in to this final question.
The minute I thought that, we were kissing and I stopped right there and told her I had to leave. Needless to say she was very confused. And thought she did something wrong. I didn’t know how to explain myself, I was so confused I told her i had to work tomorrow (mind you that Tomorrow is a Sunday). I called my Uber and left.
During the entire ride till now as I’m typing this. I kept wondering what was going on? Why were those thoughts suddenly clouding my head?. How come I’ve never been bothered or even noticed things like that before? Why now? I believe I vaguely thought about them before but I am such a pacifist that I have never actually explored them, and the thoughts frequency has never been so high. In a society where as a black man, being hashtag-woke, is something I strive to be, I am pro-black by colour, but also by what I stand for, but this situation is now making me question everyyythhingggg I thought I was standing for, and even my pro blackness.
My parents have never been against me dating outside of the race. My mum always said “As long as you bring home a woman who can take care you, I am fine” .. so Yh my upbringing never shaped me into thinking that dating other race or even white women was wrong. So why did I feel so wrong yesterday?
I have never in my life, judge another black man who’s dating a white girl, or a black woman dating a white man, or white man dating and asian women, etc etc etc. My mentor himself is married to a fair skin Thai beautiful woman And I don’t think they are getting those looks because he’s white. But why did I feel so judged yesterday and so out of place?
Today, it makes me, question the level of implication I have to deal with dating outside of my race (Mainly white women, cuz I’ve dealt with them the most). Those eyes Ive been given yesterday which I can never ignore anymore, because clearly I’ve been given those in the past but never noticed, make me wonder if I am ready to deal with that attitude from society every time I step foot outside with anothe race wrapped around my arm. I have met plenty other race women whom I believe were very nice individual, who seem to genuinely want to be with me, because I admit I am an attractive man. But Was that all fake or what portion of it is real? because I’ve been with white girls whom It was clear just wanted to sleep with me, So how do I draw the line? I’m confused because I have always wanted to separate myself from the racial war that our world faces, and be the change I want to see. Being loving towards everybody, full stop. But now I’m wondering if thinking like that is just a myth. And it bothers me because casting away the idea of dating outside of my race, because of the skin colour is exactly part of what I think is wrong with the world? It’s exactly why I decided to not be racist, but now I feel like a mockery of myself for ever thinking like that.
Will it be too drastic to say today that I am never dating out of my race again? Mainly white women?
PS: The girl from yesterday Has texted me all day today, and I am too disgusted in myself, to even return her texts.
What is going on? I need help understanding please? Am I overthinking it? I am very confused.
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2020.02.15 13:23 pomegranate2012 Saturday opportunities thread (February 15)

Opportunities With Deadlines

Script to Stage are accepting 15 submissions for a Table Read (Scotland) - Deadline: 14 February 2020
New theatre scratch night in Manchester - JustOut - Deadline: 15 February 2020 (for consideration for April's scratch night - scripts sent after this date will be considered for May)
Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company seeking submissions of short scenes - Deadline: 16 February 2020
Francis Hardy Productions Seeking experienced playwrights and spoken word poets writing about sport - Deadline: 16 February 2020
Mentoring programme for British East Asians in Theatre & On Screen - Deadline: 17 February 2020
London Library's Emerging Writers Programme open for submissions - Deadline: 19 February 2020
Dear Black People is looking for submissions celebrating identity - Deadline: 20 February 2020
E-Merge Festival searching for short plays that relate to "Black Sheep" - Deadline: 20 February 2020
Opal22 looking for a scriptwriter for their Life of Shaka project (paid) - Deadline: 21 February 2020
Punching LaBute looking for short 10 minute works for their one night show - Deadline: 22 February 2020
Unique development opportunity for emerging/mid career writer (paid £5000) - Deadline: 23 February 2020
Matchstick Theatre looking for new writing submissions - Deadline: 25 February 2020
Creative Youth seeking short works for new scratch night in Kingston - Deadline: 28 February 2020
Action Transport Theatre are looking for young people (13-17) for an international writing programme - Deadline: 28 February 2020
International Playwriting Award Theatre503 opens 1st February (£6,000 prize) - Deadline: 29 February 2020
Watermill Theatre looking for writer to adapt Twelfth Night (paid £1,575) - Deadline: 29 February 2020
Independent Award for Improper Dramaturgy 2019«Neem-2019. First page» - open for application - Deadline: 1 March 2020
London Lovecraft Playwrighting Competition now open - Deadline: 1 March 2020
Beardance Theatre are looking for new writing for their short play night - Deadline: 1 March 2020
EKP and Paines Plough: The Women’s Prize for Playwriting 2020 - Deadline: 2 March 2020
15 minute scripts inspired by 'STUCK WITH YOU' wanted for showcase - Deadline: 2 March 2020
ITV Red Planet Prize open for submissions on 27 March 2020 - Deadline: 3 March 2020
Nathan Carr and Milivoy Webber Memorial Prize: An annual writing competition - Deadline: 4 March 2020
Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing - Deadline: 5 March 2020
Reboot Theatre Company seeking shorts for evening in London (paid £150) - Deadline: 8 March 2020
Call out for Young Writer in Residence for Takeover Festival 2020 (paid £400) - Deadline: 16 March 2020
Two day theatre workshop with Simon Stephens in Milan (cost €200) - Deadline for applications: 28 March 2020
Applications now open for The Writing Squad - Deadline: 29 March 2020
Radius 2020 Playwriting Competition now open (prize £500) - Deadline: 30 March 2020
Decorating Dissidence: Call for Submissions – Essays, Reviews, Poetry, Visual Arts – Deadline: 31 March 2020
ETPEP Award 2020 open for entries - Deadline: 31 March 2020
Crimson Phoenix script submission window now open for plays and musicals - Deadline: 31 March 2020
One-year MA in Operamaking at GSMD open for applications - Deadline: 31 March 2020
Calling all budding playwrights - The Phoenix Writes competition is now open (entry fee £10) - Deadline: 31 March 2020
Alpine Fellowship 2020 Theatre Prize (£3000) now open for entries - Deadline: 1 April 2020
2020 Wexford Literary & Arts Awards competition call out (€10 fee) - Deadline: 13 April 2020
BBC Writersroom - open for comedy scripts on 23rd March 2020 - Deadline: 20 April 2020
Lungs Project accepting proposals for written work on theme "Visions of Home" - Deadline: 30 April 2020
The Nick Darke Writer's Award 2020 is now open for entries - Deadline: 4 May 2020
BBC Wales Writer in Residence (applications open on 10 February) - Deadline: 11 May 2020
The Progress Theatre launches two projects for aspiring playwrights - Deadline: none but last sessions and events take place on 1 & 4 July 2020
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2020.02.07 15:10 SubaruToyotaFan1986 How would you feel about history teaching these topics on the syllabus?

The topics:
I'm interested in history, and incidentally, am reading up on any of these topics with books I've borrowed from the library (less so for Thatcher, but still...).
I'm interested to hear what you think of this, as I'm an amateur historian learning about how to be a historian and assessing sources.
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2019.12.07 11:31 MJsdanglebaby It's been a few weeks, I guess now is as good as time as any to share this...

So, 2 years ago, around late November, the headliner leaks were out and they were saying U2 was headlining.
A lot of us didn't believe. I didn't believe. But then, on January 9th? 10th? It was officially announced, as part of the The Joshua Tree anniversary tour 2017, one of the stops would be in Manchester, Tennessee at Great Stage Park, also known as, Bonnaroo. Heard of it?
When it was announced, I was, to say the very least, overwhelmed. My favorite band, U2, was going to headline my favorite festival, Bonnaroo. People that knew me, that used to work with me, that went to high school with me, that I hadn't spoken to in years, were messaging me. People that knew how much I loved U2 AND Bonnaroo, messaged me throughout the early the part of 2017 like "Duuuude... you going to Roo?? U2's playing! You gotta be going".
That's how big that news was. That people I hadn't spoken to in so long were compelled to message me.
I've been a die hard U2 fan since 1998--I was in grade 10 when I decided I was a hardcore fan, and when they were announced to play what would be my 4th Bonnaroo, I thought, I can't just go to this Bonnaroo as a normal person in a t-shirt. For 3 Roos, I've had the pleasure of enjoying the absolute CHAOS and BEAUTY of costumes and weirdness that Bonnaroo costumes have to offer. Well... my favorite band is playing my favorite festival--it was time for Player 2 to join the game.
Not only did I make a costume, I made FOUR costumes. One for each day. One persona Bono has donned over their 40 year career for each day of Roo. One item, a mirror ball cowboy at, took me TWENTY HOURS TO COMPLETE. I was still super gluing pieces to the hat throughout the night and into early Wednesday morning when we left Toronto.
My fourth Bonnaroo Friday came, I experienced it, I was about second or third row at Roo, and it was, along with Claude Von Stroke... and the rest of Roo late night... the best night of my life. Period.
I was dressed up, for the first time, as Bono's alter ego Macphisto for their set.
I made an Instagram leading up to Bonnaroo chronicling me making the costumes and ultimately that weekend.
The feedback I got was enormous. Going forward, I would continue to go to ALL U2 shows dressed up in a character. It was a thing I did.
For the rest of 2017 I saw that tour 6 more times. Toronto, Detroit, Buffalo, Mexico City twice, and Bogota.
In 2018 I saw the Experience Tour 7 times also. Vegas, Montreal twice, Dublin thrice, Berlin.
My Instagram grew from a documentary of me leading up to Bonnaroo, into this bigger, beautiful thing. it became this enormous integral part of the community. And it all started from Bonnaroo.
In 2019, U2 announced they would be bringing The Joshua Tree Tour to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and a slew of other Asian dates. They are still on this tour, fyi.
I went to Auckland to see the first 2 shows on November 8 and 9.
I flew back to Canada, 'cause, long story. Nothing personal.
I flew back on November 18 a week later to Sydney.
Over the course of 2.5 years Bono has seen me at the shows. Front row, jumping, going crazy. I've met him... several times, out of costume, nice, calm, peaceful, meaningful interactions... and he's come to know me; as the guy dressed up at his shows.
On November 22nd, 2019, at the Sydney Cricket Grounds in Sydney, Australia, during the first song of the encore, Elevation...
This happened.
And it all started because of Bonnaroo. One community giving to another.
EDIT Responded to a few, and to all the others, thank you. Thank you for kind words and affection. I love Bonnaroo and I'm glad we have a great community that values different people from different walks of life with different music tastes. Thank you so much.
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