Girl Scout hackathon

In collaboration with Alcoa Foundation, Girl Scouts of the USA has provided eight Girl Scouts since 2013 with the Alcoa Chuck McLane Scholarship, which is available to Gold Award recipients who complete Gold Award projects related to science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).Akshitha Ramachandran of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts received the Alcoa Chuck McLane Scholarship in 2016. To celebrate Girl Scout's newest cookie, S'Mores!, we are holding a Scratch Hackathon event at Girl Scout Balboa Campus. Bring your laptop, get yourself a free Girl Scout Hackathon. View event on calendar. Date: Sun Feb 02, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM EST. Location: Quinnipiac University, York Hill Campus Map. Category: Girl Events . Level: Juniors, Cadettes . Girl Fee: $20. Adult Fee: $10. REGISTER NOW . Code for a cause - no coding experience necessary! Develop a prototype Smartphone app. Girls work in teams ... Marshmallow Run is a game idea that came out of the first Girl Scout Cookie Hackathon in September last year. We were preparing for our coding workshop and developed a set of graphics for the Girl Scouts to use to make animated characters from a variety of types of Girl Scout cookies – as well as s’mores ingredients such as marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. As a software engineering executive from Colombia, I thought that the best way to honor Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) was to help the local Girl Scout Hispanic troops earn one of the new cybersecurity badges. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, having the activities nearing October seemed very fitting. Girl Scouts has been focusing on STEM badges for all ages with ... Columbus, GA (PRWEB) November 18, 2014 -- “Badge it Up,” a website and app created by Girl Scout Troop #50132, earned the girls the $2,000 first prize in the Columbus, GA (PRWEB) November 18, 2014 “Badge it Up,” a website and app created by Girl Scout Troop #50132, earned the girls the $2,000 first prize in the first annual Hack Columbus Hack-a-thon a This virtual competition is for any girl in middle or high school, whether she’s a Girl Scout or not! It’s $5 to participate. Learn more about this event ️ Register by April 22 ️ For: Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador NOW OPEN TO 'OUT OF COUNCIL' GIRL SCOUT MEMBERS!!!! Girls can do anything with code! Hackathon is a 3-day long choose-your-own-adventure coding series that encourages girls to learn how they can change the world through coding!

chance me female engineering colleges in north east massapequa

2019.12.10 00:45 alwaystired77 chance me female engineering colleges in north east massapequa

chance me female stem major for ivies and ny schools!!
i’m currently a junior
demographics: female, white, large public high school, middle class (my dad got laid off and now hes a farmer if that means anything)
intended major: sustainable engineering/environmental engineering and minor in a foreign language or linguistics (french or ASL depending on what the school offers).
psat: 1300 (680 english and 620 math). hope to get 1400+ when i take sat in march
subject tests: 650 chem, 630 world hist
w gpa: 96.2 uw gpa: 94.99 my gpa for 11th grade so far is 95 uw and 97.6 w my school doesnt do rankings but i think im like top 6%
APs: sophomore year: ap chem (3) and apwh (5) junior year: ap lang, apush, ap physics 1&2 senior year: ap lit, ap french, ap calc bc, ap gov, & apes
awards: principal’s honor roll every quarter, a programming award in VEX robotics, semi finalist at robotics state comp, all county art, writing awards at schoolwide level, silver award for girl scouts (focus on bee endangerment), silver and bronze awards in national french exam, 3rd place in an ASL idol competition (best song interpreting), best ui/ux award at a hackathon w/ 300+ kids, and i have plans to get my gold award for girl scouts.
ECs: - programmer in robotics club for 3 years (vice prez last year, pres this year) - art and literary magazine club 2 years (pres this year) - asl club 3 years - french club 3 years - art club 2 years - girl scouts - yoga and dance x3 a week 1 year, dance 2x a week 2 years - several summer jobs throughout hs (summer camp counselor, working at a beach club, busser at a restaurant, babysitting, etc. worked seven days a week most weeks in the summer (35+ hours/week)) - 300+ volunteer hours (reading to children, camp counselor, etc)
havent written any college essays yet as a im a junior but my teachers consider me a decently strong writer
lor: plan on choosing my robotics coach, pre calc teacher, and maybe either my english or ASL teacher(coach and i are literally bffs, pre calc teacher likes me but we’re not close and i do well in hisclass, english teacher and i are bffs, asl teacher adores me)
chance me for: binghamton, mit, columbia, brown, syracuse, john hopkins, rochester int of tech, nyit, and prob a few others?! if you have any suggestions id love to hear 🥰
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2019.09.22 21:58 as145782 Chance me for MIT, UPenn, UMich, Northwestern, and UChic

Demographic: Asian, Female, competitive SF/Bay Area public school, upper-middle class
Intended Major(s): CS, CS+Business, Business
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1530 SAT (760 RW, 770 M), Literature/MathII: 740/750
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.82 W (3.49 UW) (upward trend); school doesn't rank but prob top 12%
Coursework: APs: Stats, US History, English Lang, CompSci A, Euro History --> 4/4/5/4/4
Taking 6 APs currently: English Lit, Physics, Calc AB, Micro/Macro Econ, Government
Took a few humanities/politics courses at local college, some fairly competitive summer programs
ECs: Internship in cybsersecurity/data analysis w big name company, internship with SF startup incubator, president of business club, founded profitable organization raising large sum of money towards education, partnered with student-run organization to bring business education state-wide, Girl Scouts 14 years, editor of school newspaper, volunteer work with organization for 5 years, volunteered with an international organization solving curable blindness in Asia all my life
Awards: National Merit Semi, Silver+Gold Award (Eagle Scout equivalent), won some local hackathons, various regional and state awards with business club, varsity table tennis for 2 years
Essays: 7-8, not where I want them to be but I am a good writer
LORs: Lang/Comp (9/10) > Good relationship w him, a lot of debates and shared interests, I was always involved in his class and he has seen me work with and lead others
Computer Science (8/10) > Good relationship w them and they've given me a lot of career advice, did well and helped teach other students in their class, they've helped me out w some other ECs and have seen me work hard but not the best writer
UPenn (ED), MIT, Brown, Stanford, NYU, UChicago, UMich (Ross), Northwestern, CMU, Barnard, Wellesley, Harvey Mudd, BU, UCB, UCSD, SJSU
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2019.07.21 04:30 CalClimate Climate education - science, policy, comm, etc. - that scales.

Climate education - about science, policy, comm, etc. - that scales.
but first: What today's (already climate concerned) kids should know:
  • Their parents have only reduced GHG emissions by the very slightest amount. (link, with graph. "[Almost 30 years ago,] the IPCC projected future CO₂ levels and warned of potential global warming. [Since then], we've cut [only] <5 ppm from that 1992 [business as usual] scenario." (slightly mangled quote))
    • April 1992 CO2: 359ppm, an increase of ~80ppm over the preindustrial CO2 level
    • (...27 years go by...)
    • April 2019 CO2: 413.5ppm, an increase of 133 ppm over preindustrial -- i.e., an additional ~40% rise since those initial warnings.
    • (data available in this CSV file; ideally there'd be a graph (is there?) where the y axis could show it. )
but first - A quick half-hour big-picture education for adults:
College-level climate education
Online college-level? courses (i think), free or near-free, from EdX:
Other college-level courses and lectures:
K-12 climate education
  • Climate education organizations:
    • ACE is the Alliance for Climate Education, I'm told they educate high school students in a general assembly, their website for climate is ACESpace. (on wikipedia here, on Twitter here)
    • (@ncse) (nat'l center for science education) for offers support to those teaching K-12 about climate.
      • (here are NCSE's 5 climate change lessons) (consensus, models, past v. present, local impacts, solutions) (for what grade?) (do they address future projections and the carbon emissions budget? how we're doing so far?)
  • Other organizations
    • EdReports, a Consumer Reports for textbooks to find if they meet common core standards (Gates Fndn funded)
  • for running a remote classroom, K-12
  • Vocational
  • a 1-hour 5th grade climate class (link)
  • A "climate ed. resources" compendium does exist, called CLEAN, but when I looked, I didn't get the sense that it filtered for quality.
  • The state of k-12 climate education now is... (sad answer)
  • K-12 stuff to be alert for (& wary of):
    • modules on "climate science" that are 98% about 'the climate' and only 2% or less about climate change, and that don't address future projections. Also, prepare yourself to find that many-to-most textbooks will be out of date; expect insinuations that there's still doubt about humans causing climate change.
  • projects & demonstrations that could work for elementary school (or science fairs?), a few ideas & links
    • The first experiment showing the warming effect of CO2 in the presence of solar radiation, by Eunice Foote (link) (has anyone tested & refined it for suitability in a classroom?)
    • Simple demonstration of albedo (demonstration of what the color of snow cover does for surface temperature)
    • make a nested-pots refrigerator, and/or a solar oven, measure the temperatures. By how much does an umbrella with a radiant barrier decrease how hot the user is, under it? Painting a car roof white? A tree? a sidewalk? Use an energy monitor (e.g. kill-a-watt) to compare power draw of more vs. less efficient household devices. Use a CO2 monitor (under $100 at amazon, although I think mine is no longer accurate) to measure classroom & outdoor CO2; show the Keeling curve. If you have a gas stove, use the CO2 monitor to see what 'cooking with gas' does to surrounding (indoor) air. (related: @myfoobot says it does indoor air quality (how?))
    • Using a plug-in power meter (*), compare energy used to cook (to heat water to boiling?), in a microwave oven vs. a portable induction cooktop vs. (if you can see the gas meter) a gas stove (there you'd get BTUs, but could maybe still compare it somehow.) Calculate how much planetary heating was unleashed in the process. (depends in part on what % of your utility's energy comes from renewables, also you might ask an expert)) how you'd get the 'future heat' value of a quantity of natural gas.
  • Things people still need to grasp:
    • Efficiency vs. transition : if the goal is to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources (it is.), just using less ffs is less helpful than switching from gas to electric. We can't just cut our way to a prosperous future.
  • Extracurricular
    • Science faimakerclub ideas (just a few, rather basic, small-picture): What is the most effective way to cool someone inside a building without a/c? What does CO2's absorption spectrum look like, can you measure its effectiveness in trapping heat? (and maybe see the C-0 'product wishlist' page) for ideas on things to make. How could you humanely get a dog's perspective of sidewalk surface comfort?
    • What could Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, college volunteers do? What would a 'badge' entail?
    • the nytimes offers (oct 9) "One Thing You Can Do: Talk to Your Children About Climate Change" (link), but its "talk about solutions" advice doesn't mention talking about how solutions happen, or about our problem that we can talk about solutions until we're blue in the face, but if we don't mention that at present they're far from enough, we're not being honest. Talk about infrastructure, and what the kids can do to get their city or neighborhood to be future-friendly. Explain that what really really matters is global reduction. Talk about companies like Zola Electric; ask your kids, if Greta Thunberg or the Zola cofounder had come to them as 10-year-olds asking for advice on how to fight climate change, what would have been good advice.
Show your kids this image.
General effectiveness for teens: (mostly stuff that's not usually found elsewhere) (keyword meta)
  • See the section in the 'Climate action frontiers' page starting with "this kid", and the links to reading therein.
  • Take care you don't learn the wrong stuff: "wasting your time is not the worst thing the educational system does to you. The worst thing it does is to train you that the way to win is by hacking bad tests." (*)
  • You might look at the "7 habits of...", they get listed in here I can't vouch for the book; I did look through a few pages at Amazon, and it felt padded. Can you learn from the Habits list just by skimming it? I don't know.
Quotes and thoughts:
Education vs. outreach: My somewhat tentative thoughts on the distinction:
If "Education isn’t about filling a bucket but about gaining a tool belt" (source) (bucket=ontology, toolbelt=epistemology), then this 'climate education' page is about both 'gaining the tools' and 'instilling the knowledge that others have accrued by the use of such tools'. Most of what's needed, re climate understanding, is more on the 'outreach' (here's what you most need to know about what the evidence has shown) side of the outreach(knowledge)-to-education(tool-learning) spectrum. (But due to the disinfo PR about climate change&action, you also need some 'tool belt' understanding.)
  • Your climate citizen tool belt would be:
    • learning how you can tell who's an expert, and how science progresses
    • learning how the press has covered climate change, what its biases are, how to interpret the news that they provide
    • learning how you can most easily find out the truth about a disinfo claim that someone makes
    • understanding how political change happens, and how tribal views are formed & held
    • learning how to figure out where you can be effective in setting us up for a better future.
  • Outreach ("filling the bucket"), aka 'scientific facts' (as best we understand from the data at this point in time) would be more about instilling an understanding of what the science indicates about the cause and the projected future impacts, and explaining how well we're doing at tackling this, explaining the difference between climate change mitigation vs climate change adaptation, and explaining what needs to happen, to keep climate change under control.
Note the word 'tentative', above. This from me is still somewhat on the fuzzy side.
Contests and other encouragements (see also the 'contests/awards/prizes' page)
  • "Solar District Cup", "a collegiate competition in which student teams design and model solar-plus-storage systems across multiple buildings on a local distribution network." ("a three-year NREL project designed to prepare students to enter the solar workforce amidst a changing energy landscape. " (source) (from the 'Contests and Prizes' page)
Adult and other outreach - what other public outreach channels are there, including to adults, that are being used? (here's something MIT published (for alumni?))
What courses (tutorials?) are needed? Are there ones available for applicable science communication? for finding and visualizing climate action & policy related data? For "learn the basics" for a university that wanted students to have a fundamental grounding?
Workable climate science/policy lab experiments? hackathons?
For other resources, see the near-stub Interrogating handy datasets
The poor state of climate education in Canada:
"Of the six topics..., “it’s climate,” “it’s warming,” “it’s us” and “it’s bad” are considered not mandatory in Alberta classrooms. The other two, “experts agree” and “we can fix it,” aren’t covered at all.
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2015.01.08 22:51 Tezcatlipokemon Doge is dead... Long live Doge!

(In response to this post.)
I can't see anyway around it but to treat this like a project/operation:
How's Phoenix Moon sound? (Hope to doge sounds "good" because that took me way longer than it should.)
In my estimation, first order of business should be to get everybody back here! Devs, PR, artist, Foundation, Fundation, race people, all the fans, everybody. We can't hope to win the game if we don't field our best team. But how do we do that?
We'll getting them here and keeping them here is two different things. But maybe a post (or posts?) that should be exciting and evocative need to reach beyond dogecoin to the front page. It should be "legit." Exciting just because it is exciting if possible. But I don't know, maybe it'll be exciting on its own that we are getting the band back together. This post should be like ringing the bells of the church in the middle of town to call everyone to come see what's going on.
Then from there we state our what we are going to do, where it's going to go, why it's going to work, what we need from them, etc (which we will have to figure out in advance, right?). With just a bit of luck it the excitement will feedback on itself, snowball and it will all be organic from there.
First thing I guess is just to talk about all this. Definitely a bare-bones plan that needs to be fleshed out. But let's start something. Let's do this! All we have to do is decide it's going to work and then make it. Sound good? Sound right? Much shibe-appropriate?
Talking here is fine. If you guys are in totally to the extent I hope you are we can go over to /phoenixmoon which I will jazz up as soon as I know this is going to get off the ground.
Thanks, and do hope you jump in. Make dogecoin what it should be, what you know in your shibely brain's heart it will be again!
(I can help build this if we decided to go with it and need a little site to facilitate the bounty submissions, tracking and awards)
(Great idea, we should do this. Let's get the message ready, maybe set a date and/or time to ask everyone to come first and then send it out to /dogecoin top posters along with the other top from dogecoin specialty subs. Get everybody here at the same time and try to jumpstart this place!)
(c-c-c-combo! See? We still got it guys. Keep going; don't let up!)
(I don't know what form the contest would take; judged hackathon, software competition, other somethings? But wouldn't it be cool to offer some college shibe a full-ride or maybe the last two years or something at the right public university that was special to shibes?)
(Ad would be one of the subreddit ads? Meetup on the day we stage this "come back to dogecoin" event? Check out the comment for more.)
Edit 2:
Writing the letter to send out to top posters as per GoodShibe's suggestion ...tell me what you think. It's weird, I know. I can only write weird. You all have commenting/edit suggesting rights so improve it or add to it what you want and I'll play with it. If there are edits all over it when you get there wonk-wonk, guess it needed some work, but also you can click in the upper right from "suggesting" to "viewing" and read it naturally. Thanks!
Anybody want to help with gathering shibe names from the top posts for the last year? Here is a spreadsheet where we can put them in.
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mik3cap - YouTube Privacy.hack Promotional Video Gitcoin Livestream: Skynet Virtual Hackathon w/ Sia (2/28/2020) Jim Nichols - YouTube Onboarding the New Volunteer Hackathon 2018 How To Make A Girl Squirt In Under 3 Minutes! - YouTube

Hear It From a Girl Scout: Breakground to Break Barriers ...

  1. mik3cap - YouTube
  2. Privacy.hack Promotional Video
  3. Gitcoin Livestream: Skynet Virtual Hackathon w/ Sia (2/28/2020)
  4. Jim Nichols - YouTube
  5. Onboarding the New Volunteer
  6. Hackathon 2018
  7. How To Make A Girl Squirt In Under 3 Minutes! - YouTube
  8. Mass Ideation Inc. - YouTube
  9. Coding a Brighter Future Black Girls CODE Colgate
  10. Ford STEAM Lab Hackathon

Mass ideation is a Bronx creative & technology digital marketing agency. We strategize, design and produce videos, video games, web, mobile, augmented realit... Based on feedback from their clients, SCORES's Director of Learning Susan Fort knows that volunteer mentors who understand and follow this methodology will be successful with their clients. The ... Thanks to our 2018 Hackathon sponsors! For the Love of Physics - Walter Lewin - May 16, 2011 - Duration: 1:01:26. Lectures by Walter Lewin. In this recap of our first 2017 hackathon from New York, Haven, Madison, and BGC leaders share why they’re so passionate about coding. To learn more about the CODE a Brighter Future hackathon ... Ford STEAM Lab hosted a hackathon for 100 middle school students to introduce them to software development and skills needed to be high tech entrepreneurs. Students from Patrick Henry Middle ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Visit Caitlin's Channel - Get Tripp's Tension Technique - Making a girl squirt... The personal video uploads of Mike Caprio, @mik3cap. Dumbest Girls Ever Steal Girl Scout Money (raw interview Stefanie Woods) - Duration: 4 minutes, 10 seconds. Gitcoin's weekly Livestream on February 28th, 2020. Featuring David Vorick, Co-Founder of Sia, to speak to us about the launch of Skynet and the Skynet Hackathon. David is the Co-founder and Lead ... The Network Advertising Initiative is hosting our first ever hackathon, Privacy.hack! For more information, visit